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One Year Bible NIV – Getting to Know God in One Year

The Bible is definitely one of the bestselling books of all time, hence, it's no surprise that people are looking for an easier way to read it all in one year. Because of this, plenty of companies have made bible reading so much easier by creating a one year bible NIV or other similar versions.

Pretty much the concept is the same; the Bible is divided into 365 portions which allow the reader to take time out each day to read several passages in the Bible. Sometimes, it only takes as little as 15 minutes to read the paths and reflect on them through the day.

There are plenty of versions or translations for the Bible. Some of the most popular would include the NIV as well as the KJV. Each of these versions will have their own way of relating the verses to various stories that will help each reader understand the passages.

Sometimes these one year bibles will not have any supplementary stories, but just plainly divide the Bible into 365 parts enough to accommodate versa and passes for each and every single day of the entire year.

This self study method, however, is not for everyone. There are times when new Christians attempt to figure out answers on their own and they may come across versa that they can not understand. Because of this, it's always best to study with a group so that you can have answers to questions you can not answer.

However, for those who have been going to church for a long time. They feel more confident in using these one year bibles to help them with their every day interaction with the Word.

A one year Bible NIV version is a great way to read the entire Bible without having to figure out too much on what it means. Over the years, the NIV version of the Bible has become as popular as the KJV version. However, there is still some controversial over which version of text people should go for.

For people who are leaning towards the NIV version, there are actually two notable features why the NIV translation is deemed as more reliable. First, the NIV translation is supposedly based on a much older and better text than compared to the one used in the KJV version.

Another notable feature that you can find in the NIV version is the principle applied by the translators, the principle of "dynamic equivalence." In the NIV, the translators did not really translate the words inspired by the Holy Spirit, but instead he discovered what the meaning was behind those words and conveyed them into words and thoughts that are more appropriate and easily understood by modern people.

Although some people like the fact that they can better understand what certain paths mean this way, others feel that it's robbing the Bible of its actual meaning.

Choosing your own personal bible is a subjective and objective decision, whatever you choose to have a one year bible in KJV or a one year Bible NIV, what's important is that you are getting in touch with your faith each and every day.

Source by Chris Bradley

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