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Must Have iPad Applications For Your Business


What a great tool iPad is for day to day business. We use it in our office a lot and have built up list of apps which we believe our readers can use on their iPads for everyday business needs. Check it out and let us know if we missed any of great iPad apps you use. We will be happy to add them to the list. Here is your list:

Linked In for iPad

Linked In

With release of new and fresh application for iPad just strengthened their position as leading business oriented social network. You can network, link with your professional network and of course find and offer jobs within their community of more than 150 million members globally. Must have for every business person with iPad!

Adobe Reader

Easily view, edit, and organize PDF files on your device. The app easily integrates with other applications that supports “Open In…” PDF convenience at your disposal.

Fast Company Magazine

The world’s leading progressive business media brand is now on the iOS! From print to screen, The Fast Company Magazine will continue to inspire readers to look beyond the boundaries of traditional concepts and views of business.

Citrix Receiver

Link your device to your Mac or PC. Browse, run, email and perform desktop applications on the go using your iDevice.

Dragon Dictation

This intelligent app will convert your spoken words into text. Copy and paste to any application via clipboard.
Simple. Useful. Beautiful. Jobs for iPad

Monster jobs app

One of the leading job search engines is now molded into an app. Search a job that will fit your job title and skills at the place where you would like to work.  Send your job application through this app and be notified via email.

Cisco WebEx Meetings

Cisco app

This cross-platform application allows you to stay connected to your web meetings whether you are around the corner or around the globe. Be on time with your meetings as you perform high-definition video conversations and discuss content simultaneously.


Go To Meeting

GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar on your iDevice, Mac, PC, or Android device. Plan ahead and organize your meetings, present mockups or reports, and schedule future meetings. Whether you are on the rush or in a hectic situation, you can “GoToMeeting(s)” at your opportune.

Craig’s List

Craigs List

Are you looking for something?  Find a job, a new car, a nice hangout, or the love of your life using Craig’s List.

QuickVoice® Recorder

Quick Voice

QuickVoice® Recorder allows you to quick and easy record is a simple voice recorder where you can store voice notes on your device or share via email. Record your thoughts or create voice notes using this plain and simple

Mobile Office Suite

Documents Suite

This free app will open most Microsoft Office files with the option to create .txt, .csv, or .png files. This app will also allow the users to synchronize their Google Documents account where they can easily download/upload files.

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