Madonna Louise Ciccone or more popularly known as Madonna is one of America’s most successful music artists. Born in Bay City August 16, 1958, Madonna began her career as a modern dancer inn 1977 in New York City. She performed in groups like Emmy and Breakfast Club. After that, she released a debut album in 1983. A series of albums followed. The melody and lyrical content of her songs made her popular among music fans.

During this time, Madonna’s songs were a constant hit. Those that saw the top billing on the charts include Like a Virgin, Like Prayer, Vogue, Music, Papa Don’t Preach, 4 Minutes, and Hang Up. She has sold over 300 million copies of records around the world. It’s no wonder she is hailed as the world’s bestselling female recording artist in the history of music by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Aside from being one of music scene’s greatest pop divas of all time, Madonna also tried her hand in acting. Her film appearances started in 1979. She received critical acclaim for her lead role in Evita (1996). Her other film roles though didn’t receive as much positive feedback as her role in Evita. After that, Madonna kept on pursuing more careers such as fashion designing, writing of children’s books, producing music videos, and directing films.

Although Madonna has been the subject of various controversies over the last few years, she remains a strong icon in the world of music. She remains as an influential musical artist idolized and revered by many.

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