3G Android™-Powered Smartphone, Downloadable Apps, Customizable Widgetslg ally verizon

The Android™-Powered LG Ally™ gives you the ability to customize home screens, and switch from surfing the web and emailing to text messaging and updating your social status. Turn-by-turn directions from Google Maps™ and 30,000+ apps in Android Market™, you’ll be ready for any adventure today – and a new one tomorrow.

1. Beginners Guide

LG Ally VS740  User Guide / Manual In PDF Format

2. Review

LG Ally Review: It’s No Droid By  Gizmodo

Among Android handsets with keyboards, the Droid is the indisputable king. The LG Ally, also on Verizon, doesn’t change this, but it does make buying a Droid tougher to stomach.

The LG Ally is an odd handset, spec’d through the roof in some respects—its 800×480 screen and top-notch keyboard, along with Android 2.1—while painfully lacking in others—its pokey 600MHz processor and blotchy 3.2 megapixel camera, in particular.

In some ways it’s obviously better than the Droid. In more ways, though, it can’t compete.

LG Ally review By Engadget

You know, not every smartphone has to be putting down maxed-out hardware. That’s a lesson that Nokia is certainly taking to heart, concentrating many of its latest efforts on lower-end Symbian devices that it hopes will capture entire new swaths of users that’d otherwise be buying dumbphones with half the functionality (and far less than half of the revenue potential). In the world of Android, though, recent devices like the EVO 4G, Droid, Droid Incredible, and Nexus One have admittedly caused us to grow accustomed to the idea that we should all be using blazingly fast processors and huge WVGA displays.

In reality, of course, Android is an extraordinarily scalable platform; there’s a whole world of hardware (and around $200 of on-contract pricing) below today’s latest round of “superphones.” At $100 on a two-year deal, the LG Ally sort of typifies what we’d expect out of a midrange Android device right now — a gap-filler that can capture users seeking a Droid experience on a Kin Two budget. So does it hold up in the day-to-day grind, or are you going to be begging for a Droid by day two? Let’s find out.

3. Must Know Tips & Tricks

LG Ally Performance Tips & Tricks By lg-phones.org

I’ve been working trying to improve the performance of my LG Ally with great frustration. I started having a lot of issue, phone would lock up, apps close, couldn’t answer the phone, couldn’t shut it off, free memory hovering around 20MB. So I did a hard reset and I’m slowly making changes and re-installing applications. Here are some of the things I’ve found so far

LG Ally User Guides, FAQ, Tips and Tricks – LG Ally – Know Your Cell

Knowyourcell has 20 best tutorilas on Lg Ally Android Phone

4. LG Ally (Verizon Wireless) Photos

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