Mac is awesome:
Mac has is a revolutionary operating system that delivers you more than your expectations. It is something more than just an operating system. Previously, it was not as much welcomed as the Windows but as the guys came to know about the features of this awesome operating system, there was a rapid increase in the demand of the Apple’s Mac Operating System. Now, people prefer buying the Mac than a usual PC because it is reliable and gives a whole refreshing experience.

Wondering How to have a Right Click:
You have just purchased a Mac machine and wondering why there is only one button for mouse to click. You must be wondering where the second button has gone. Disappeared? Not at all! It is the feature of the Mac machine that you have only one mouse button. So, the problem that sounds quite irritating how to right-click on a Mac. Stay cool. Do not rush to dispose it off as you can right-click on a Mac. This is just simple. Let’s discuss the ways how you can have right click on the Mac using only one mouse button.

mac magic mouse

How to Right-click on a Mac:

  • It is quite easy and simple to do the same. What you need to do is pressing the single mouse button as you press the control button at the same time. Look, it is the right click menu. It is time to thank God as it sounds like there is no life without a right click.
  • When you want to open the right click menu for an object or the link, you just have to scroll to the object or link and simultaneously press the control key on the keypad. The result would be the appearance of the normal right click menu.
  • If you want to open the desktop properties or other finder commands, there is the simple way to that. In a place at the desktop press control and the single mouse button at the same time and you would get what you are looking for. The options available would be everything like the new folder, view, search, clean up, arrange, help, etc.
  • If you are working with a hard drive or any other readable media drive, then you can get the options like open, make alias, add to favorites, index selection and all other relevant options. This would be possible just by simply clicking the single mouse button along with the control key.
  • If you come up with opening the right click options for a file or a folder, it is simple to get as well. What you will have to do is just having a control plus click at the same time. This would bring out the options like open, properties, move to trash, put away, get info, index selection, etc.
  • I hope, you would certainly welcome the Mac as now you come to know how to right-click on a Mac. You can not afford to sacrifice the functions of the awesome Mac machine just because you are not aware of that.
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