To keep it plain simple, it has been done before but it’s still pretty unique, especially for a new coming artist. A few artist come to mind when debating about achieving such uniquely big success, in such a short time; Madonna, Queen and yes, even Britney Spears. What’s different about the case of Lady Gaga is that her spurt to the top is so fast that she can become the best selling artist of all time. What?… Yeah, I said it.

If we look at the numbers of records the most selling artists who’ve ever lived sold, we’ll get something like this: The Beatles (600 million), Elvis Presley (600 million), Michael Jackson (350 million) and Madonna (275 million). No one can disagree that these are some impressive numbers. If looking at how many Lady Gaga Albums have been sold, anyone will be amazingly surprised, because she already sold 50 million albums. If we compare that with the above mentioned superstars, it isn’t to optimistic to think that miss Gaga won’t sell over 600 million units, if she keeps at it like she does right now. Don’t forget that it’s her first album and that she’s only been known for just over a year.

Knowing that the whole world loves lady gaga albums and her popularity is still rising, we can all see her becoming the best selling artist of all times, in a near future. Just the fact that she’s able to achieve this makes her a superstar and you can bet that her CDs well keep exploding the music charts.

Source by Keith Clean

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