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Kenny Chesney – A Legend of Country Music

Kenny Chesney is considered to be one of the hottest Country music entertainers of the century. And I really mean hot in more ways than one!

An incredible artist with exceptional music talent as both a singer and songwriter is it any wonder that he once again holds the title of entertainer of the year from the Academy of Country Music. He is a good-looking man who writes songs with meaningful lyrics that so many ordinary people can relate to and he has a charismatic stage presence. When Kenny goes on tour tickets to a concert will sell out quickly and he has a global adoring fan base.

Kenny has recorded more than a dozen albums and more than 30 Top Ten singles many of which have reached number one. He has celebrated the sale of more than 25 million albums and God knows where he keeps all his awards because he has had nearly 100 nominations and more than 20 awards during his career.

His first Billboard Number One single “She’s Got It All” from his “I Will Stand” album released in 1997 spent three weeks at the top of the country charts and 1999 saw his first platinum-selling album, “Everywhere We Go”. Both of these were just the beginning of a long and successful career brimming with accolades from fans and the music industry alike.

Kenny has performed at venues across the country from The Gillette Stadium; Massachusetts to the White House regularly with sell out concerts and successful high-grossing tours.

Kenny’s personal life has not always been quite so successful as his music career with a brief marriage to actress Renee Zellweger in May 2005, followed by an announcement for a pending annulment as early as September 2005 the couple finalized the annulment in December 2005. Chesney has apparently been dating Amy Colley a former Miss Tennessee USA since August this year, 2008.

Did I say Kenny Chesney is hot in more ways than one? If you are a fan looking for pictures of the man himself you will find websites devoted to pictures of Kenny in a myriad of situations, attractive outfits and appealing poses for the camera and his adoring fans. You can also get access to his discography, biography tour dates and other information from different websites. If you are looking for memorabilia or merchandising there are numerous avenues available on the Internet to buy and collect Kenny Chesney merchandising and memorabilia.

Most importantly if you are really interested in Kenny or you are already a fan then I am sure you would agree that as far as Kenny Chesney goes nothing beats a live concert and an extensive collection of the music from the man himself.

Source by John Thomson

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