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How to Write a Best Selling EBook

Writing a book is a difficult task. But the motivation for many of us is the dream of having a best seller. But how do you write a best selling eBook?

There are two sides to writing a best selling eBook. The first is to write a quality eBook. The second is how you market it to be a best seller.

In this article I’m going to concentrate on writing the best selling eBook.

But I can’t honestly write this article without acknowledging that writing a best seller is easy. Selling a book into best seller is much harder. You need to be a master marketer in order to produce a best seller.

Writing a best selling eBook requires several things. The first is that you absolutely must have a system for writing. Otherwise it will be almost impossible to write the quality of eBook that justifies the title — best seller.

What is quality in an eBook? Quality is found in three dimensions. The first is content, the second is organization and the third is delivery.

Content is a difficult issue for your reader to measure. After all they are reading your eBook precisely because they don’t have an answer to their problem. They simply don’t know your content as well as you do — so how are they to judge it? The answer is that they judge it by it’s applicability to themselves. If it solves their problems, helps avoid one of their pain points or helps achieve one of their pleasure points, then the eBook must have great content.

Ultimately, this is how you write a best selling eBook. Identify your reader before you begin to design your book. The technique is called targeting and it results in you knowing everything possible about your targeted reader. Their name. Their age. Their marital status. But most of all, you’ll know what motivates them. What are their problems? What causes them pain? What gives them pleasure?

By focusing your book on solving your target reader’s problems or helping them to avoid a pain point or even by helping them achieve an important pleasure, you’ll have aced the content portion of quality. And that is the most important characteristic for quality.

The second dimension is organization. To solve the reader’s problems you’ll need to convince them that you have a solution and that it’s worth doing. How you organize your argument. How you present your solution. How focused you are and how often you go skittering off topic all affect the quality. By focusing on the issues and avoiding extra information you convince the reader of your knowledge and your ability to organize that knowledge.

The third dimension for quality is delivery. Frankly there’s no excuse for poor spelling or poor grammar. At least with poor grammar most of your readership won’t know the difference. And if you write like you speak, your own voice will help to cover weaknesses in grammar. But every word processing program comes with a spell checker. Poor spelling comes because you either didn’t bother checking your spelling or you didn’t bother to hire an editor. Both of which implies you didn’t think enough of your product to check it. So how can it be high quality?

Source by Glen Ford

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