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How To Use Terapeak To Boost eBay Auction Sales

Terapeak, what is it?

Terapeak is eBay’s Certified Provider of market research. What this means is that they have access to eBay’s vast database of past auction transactions. Information that the average eBay seller is not granted access to. All the average user gets the completed item search which is only for very recent closed auctions. Terapeak’s information goes back years and includes the following: auction sales prices, item sell through rate, item titles, item categories. Most eBay sellers do not take advantage of this opportunity instead they rely on completed searches and their own knowledge to make choices about which items to buy and sell and when. With Market Research by Terapeak you have the advantage over the average seller because you have information they don’t, information that could prove very valuable. What do I mean? Well let’s take a look at what Terapeak can do.

What can Terapeak do for you?

There are four main categories of research that Terapeak provides: What’s Hot, Category Research, Seller Research & Product Research. With “What’s Hot” research you will be able to see which categories are the bestselling allowing you to place your item in the best category for it. It can also help you choose the type of items you would like to sell. For video game or media sellers it provides the top 100 selling items for games, books, DVDs and music. Hot Searches shows you what buyers are currently looking for on eBay so you know what keywords should be in your title. It also shows which categories the search results most often show up in. Hot Products search shows you which products are hot from within your selected category or subcategory helping you know what to buy and when. Hot Title search shows which titles are the best selling helping you know how you should word your own auction titles. The Value Tracker will allow to save your favorite searches and items. You can also receive email alerts with weekly search information.

Category Research allows you to research information with a category or subcategory of eBay. Category Trends will show you up to two years worth of data trends for you eBay niche. See what time of the year your category has the highest sell through rate. Know when to sell and when to load up on inventory. Top Sellers will show you which sellers are on top of your category with sell through rate, average sale price and total eBay sales. Learn from their listings and strategies to strengthen your own business.

Product Research gives you the ability to search the history of individual items. The Product Report will show you when an item is selling for the most profit broken down by day of the week and hour. It will also show you promotions used, categories it was listed in and the top sold listings. Product Trends can be used to research the yearly selling patterns for specific items. The International Report shows you how products are selling in the international markets. See what hidden markets there could be for your products.

Source by Ethan L Pepper

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