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How To Sell Yourself As A DJ

The market is saturated with DJs, so why would a client choose you? The first thing that you have to understand is that people do business with people. Most DJ businesses get a majority of their business by referrals also known as word-of-mouth marketing. If you are speaking to a client, this means someone (usually a friend, family member, or someone that has seen you perform) probably referred them to you. This also means that the client will most likely consider your services before anyone else. While you may have the advantage of a referral, you will still need to meet the clients entertainment visions and budgetary requirements. Most clients are always looking for the best deal in conjunction with the best service. Is that you? Your main goal is to first paint a picture, and worry about prices later.

The client does not care about the features of your DJ company. They don’t care that you have high powered 15″ speakers and a subwoofer. They don’t care that you can set up a music system using an iPod and a speaker for cocktail hour. They also really don’t care about your 30,000 song hard drive. All they really care about is that their guests have a great time. Most clients just want to host an amazing party and are listening for you to say “by using us/me, your guests are going to have an amazing time”. Isn’t that the objective. They are also looking for comfort in the planning process.

Planning a party is not easy. Hiring a DJ is one of many responsibilities and clients want peace of mind. They want you to tell them that you are going to make this easy for them. How can you make the process stress free for YOU and the CLIENT? Offer them planning tools. You should have planning forms online or offline where they can provide the important event information. After you tell them about your planning system, watch their reaction. This should bring you one step closer to the sale.

My suggestion is to register with an online event planning website like “DJ Event Planner”. Clients have access to their planning account online 24/7 and can enter any important information, activities, and even choose music. Registering with an online event planner will make you feel more confident and appear more professional to clients. When you offer this service, clients will be most impressed. Once you’ve painted the picture, guided them through their vision, and offered them peace of mind with a planning system, it’s time to tell them your prices.

You should always give them a few pricing options from which to choose. Some common examples of packages are: 1. Basic Wedding Package (DJ/MC 2 Speakers)

2. Silver wedding package (DJ/MC 2 speakers and subwoofer)

3. Gold Wedding Package (DJ, separate MC, 2 speakers, subwoofer, lights)

4. Platinum Wedding Package (DJ, separate MC, 2 speakers, subwoofer, lights, cocktail hour included)

I can’t give you an idea of Wedding DJ prices because I don’t know your specific market. In the NJ/NY area a REPUTABLE DJ may charge between $1000 and $2000. Prices in other states and provinces would vary depending on the demographics. If you really want to know, contact some DJ’s in your area and ask their prices. Why so much? you might ask. Why so much? The client may ask.

Planning for a wedding is much more involved than just pushing play on iTunes at a house party. Your clients are paying for professionalism, your planning time, your expertise, and for you to actually perform at the event. Don’t ever under sell yourself. I know someone who gave a break to a client for a wedding last year and when it was over, It was’t worth the money in comparison to the amount of time spent on the planning. You should always keep your prices higher and then come down if you want to give them a discount. If your prices are too low, you’ll wind up losing money and getting frustrated in the process. If your prices are STILL too high, even after a discount, thank your client for their time and give them your card.

Don’t ever compromise your integrity. You are charging your price because you know you’re worth it. They will find other DJ’s who charge much less but surely don’t have the same training and knowledge as you do. They won’t be able to meet the clients vision, and they certainly won’t have an event planning system in place. Be confident that you are the best DJ for their event. Always assume the sale. When you give them the prices don’t ask them if they like the options. Ask them which option would meet their objective the best. You’ll most likely close the sale at this point. Don’t be pushy either. If they say they want to think about it, ask them if you can answer any questions. If they still seem unsure, tell them that it’s no problem and give them some information to take home. Follow up with them and you will surely have another opportunity to close the sale.

Source by John J Peterson

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