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How to Rent a Game Server

Computer games have been rising meteorically in popularity, and so are game servers. A game server is a remotely operated dedicated server utilized by game server providers or clients to allow one or more persons to play in the same game environment at the same time. This is also referred to as multiplayer video games. Among the common games played online are:

  • Call of Duty Servers
  • Counter Strike Servers
  • Battlefield Servers
  • Left4Dead Servers
  • Americas Army Servers
  • Day of Defeat
  • Swat 4

Just to name a few as there are 1000’s of online games to play.

Server Performance

  • The performance and quality of the server greatly depends on the network bandwidth and system setup. Broadband Internet connections used at home have major limitations in operating game servers, even with just four to ten players. In fact, it can even put too much stress on the computer, which definitely means poor game performance and quality. This is greatly due to the simultaneous complex roles that a computer must perform such as computing the needed data. The computer itself cannot function well considering that it has to monitor, sort out and distribute network data to other players and process data for 3D graphics.
  • Generally, game servers are classified as dedicated servers and listen servers. A dedicated server is usually run by providers using dedicated hardware positioned in data centers to provide higher bandwidth for better processing performance. This is the commonly used type especially by pc-based multi-players. For easier control of the game, it can also be operated on network servers for a bigger environment and more players.
  • That is why there is a need for a good company to have a system that can process data fast and easy. Most providers use dual quad core servers and they are not your average desktop pc. A provider that has several data centers is a good choice, although you may have to pay higher prices for the rental fees. Moreover, this is one of the commonly used game server set-ups by online gamers.

Server Features

  • Since you need to control and reconfigure your setting to suit the game, there is also a need to choose the right provider that can provide the features that you will be using. See to it that the control panel can be used to install add-ons to manage your settings. It is better to choose providers that can offer you technical support, especially if you’re not that experienced in the game hosting aspect.
  • And finally, to help you in choosing the best game server rental company, better browse the net for a wide array of game server rental companies.

Source by William Ellis

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