It has been reported that Google has just invested something between the regions of $100-200 million in the Farmville developers Zynga. You know? The people who designed that stupidly annoying game on Facebook where your girlfriend gives you a  sheep as a gift.

google logo and zynga games logoGoogle is my favourite company of all time and I hope one day I will be able to work for them but I will quickly switch to Bing if I start seeing Sheep or cows on my favourite Search Engine. This wouldn’t be so bad if Zynga wasn’t going to be developers of Google Games or be apart of it in any shape or form but the only games I see them throwing out at the moment are the games that give me 50 notifications a day on Facebook.

Something else that backs up this claim is the fact on the Google job listing page, their is a position called Product Management Leader, Games. Click Here to view the job listing.

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