1. Absolute Fitness

Absolute Fitness allows you to log and manage your food intake, exercise and weight. It gives you the ability to see the nutritional composition of more than 10,000 different kinds of foods and the calorie expenditure of more than 180 different types of exercises. It also allows you to set customized diet goals and keep track of your progress.

  • An extensive food and exercise database (with the ability to add custom items).
  • Nutritional information on macronutrients (calories, fat, etc.) and more than 30 different types of vitamins and minerals*.
  • Automatic calculation of daily nutrient limits based on your profile and your dietary goal (with the ability to set custom limits).
  • Dynamic daily nutritional snapshots that help you see how much you have eaten and how much you can still eat.
  • Customized food analysis.
  • Graphical charts to track your weight, calories and others over different periods of time.
  • Ability to create Custom “meals” (food items composed of many individual items – e.g. a salad).
  • Tracking of Body Fat %, Blood Pressure, Hours of Sleep and Number of glasses of water.
  • Free-form Notes section.
  • Ability to export data into two different formats (HTML and CSV).
  • Backup/Restore functionality.
  • Video Tutorials and User’s Guide.

2. CardioTrainer by WorkSmart Labs Inc.

CardioTrainer is your partner for weight loss & any fitness activity!

  • * Free Weight Loss Trainer and Calorific diet add-ons make weight loss with your phone easy
  • * Seamlessly tracks indoor/outdoor activities – calories, GPS, pedometer
  • * Integrated voice output & music player
  • * Friend activity feed to motivate you
  • * Workout schedule with reminders
  • * First mobile Google Health partner
  • * Heart rate monitor – see & record heartrate with Polar’s Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor and use Fat Burn Zones
  • * Racing, high score
  • * CardioTrainer Pro with interval workouts

3. RunKeeper

RunKeeper is now available for Android-based mobile devices! Now Android device owners can track the time, distance, speed, pace, calories, and path on a map for their fitness activities using their GPS enabled mobile device.*

4. C25K Pro by Guy Hoffman

C25K Pro has background mode, music controller, custom sounds and notifications

Pro version of the popular C25K app.

Following the Couch to 5K plan, this app times your workout while you listen to your own music. It plays an audio signal when you need to switch your pace.

Pro has background mode, music controller, custom sounds and notifications, and facebook integration.

5. Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO

Track your sport in real time and challenge your friends using the built-in GPS.

Your trainer for running, cycling, walking etc:
This is the PRO version of the free Endomondo Sports Tracker – your personal coach when doing sports.

  • •Real time GPS tracking of time, distance, speed, & calories
  • •Audio feedback for every mile or km
  • •Real time peptalks from friends following you live
  • •Workout route on a map
  • •History with lap times & music
  • •Works with Polar Wearlink® + transmitter with Bluetooth® and Zephyr heart rate monitor
  • •Support for ANT+ Bike Speed&Cadence and heart rate monitor sensors
  • •Beat a friend: Go against a friend’s personal best
  • •Compete on a route: Download a route and beat the Champion
  • •Friend list (NEW)
  • •Share on Facebook (NEW)
  • •Manual entry: Enter a workout manually
  • •Auto pause
  • •Customizable workout screen
  • •Headset control: Use the headset media button to get audio feedback and pause/resume a workout (wired headset & Android 2.2+)
  • •Sign up with facebook.

6. Noom Weight Loss by WorkSmart Labs Inc.

Lose weight without going crazy!

Noom Weight Loss is a full-featured app that helps you achieve your weight loss goals by combining exercise tracking, food logging and motivation into one easy-to-use package. Set up a personal weight loss plan and then track your progress, log meals, get exercise reminders, and track all your activities — from walking to yoga! Everything is either automatic or as easy as possible, so you don’t need to be an obsessive Type A to use it (but it doesn’t hurt!).

7. Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Calorie Counter is the essential app to simply find nutritional info for the food you eat and easily keep track of your meals, exercise and weight.

8. AllSport GPS

Reach your fitness goals faster with AllSport GPS! Track your routes, distance, time, speed and calories burned; view maps, elevation and speed graphs; configure the display the way you want; enjoy the thrill of virtual races; download routes from the BICYCLING magazine; share workouts online & Facebook & Twitter.

9. BeerGut Fitness

BeerGut Fitness is the calorie checkbook that will assist you in avoiding its namesake, the beer gut(or any other alcohol related gut, really.

Here’s the drill: you go out and have a few drinks, you tell BeerGut what you had, and it adds calories to your balance based on average calories per ounce for what you drank.

Now, since you’re a fitness minded guy or gal, you’re no doubt going to work out to make up for all of those Friday-after-work calorie bombs. Tell BeerGut what you did and for how long, and it will deduct calories from your balance based on your body type and an average MET for that exercise.

Voila, you now have a fitness feedback tool in your pocket that can help you stave off those pounds and enjoy those well-deserved drinks at the same time.

10. Fast Food Calorie Counter

Trying to reconcile your diet with your love for fast food? With this handy guide, you can keep your diet on track when you have to eat on the run! Now with 73 restaurants and 9,141 menu items. Each item has nutritional information including calories, fat, carbs, fiber, and protein. FREE updates to come!

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