Playing this online game in Facebook is not just for personal satisfaction. Improving your status online is often associated on the improvement of your account in FarmVille. It can be a bit shallow because it’s just a small game in a social network but people interact more through this interactive website more than talking on the phone or meeting in person. That is why many players are serious in gaining the most points and make aggressive improvements online.

Harnessing this user friendly but very challenging game actually depends on the time invested. Players who can check on their account nearly 24 hours a day can expect rapid improvement. But this doesn’t leave out those who can check their online status one or twice a day or for even those who can’t log in to Facebook for days. Success is still possible for those who can only log-in to their account a few times a week.

The trick in harnessing the game even for those who can’t be in FarmVille much is in choosing the right crops. Aggressive players will naturally choose crops that can be harvested in just four hours. They are only earning a few coins per harvest but they are improving their experience points which are very useful in gaining levels and earning FarmVille cash. Conversely, players should choose crops that can be harvested after a few days if they are unable to get into their account. This will help them increase their earnings without any spoilage. Planting crops that can be harvested in just a few hours without checking it out in less than 24 hours can be devastating because your plants will just rot and you’ll earn nothing.

Always be smart in playing FarmVille. It’s a highly addictive game but can be equally frustrating if you don’t know how to master FarmVille.

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