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Facebook’s FishVille Game

The first question that comes to our mind is: what’s FishVille? This is another networking game coming from the developers of Zynga. This is played on Facebook. You tend to get addicted to it.

This is a game about raising a lovable baby fish, feed them as they grow and decorate the aquarium with friends. FishVille is simple to learn as you can easily get down to the fundamentals: firstly you need to raise and feed your fish so that you can sell them for gaining coins and XP them when the fish gets old enough.

The more points you gain, the more levels you can move up to. In this way you will be able to buy more fish and can decorate your aquarium and can even get a new tank. As you level up in the game you will also find extra sorts of fish and decorations. When you first start with the game you need to choose which fish you would like to raise in FishVille. You will get different types of fish as you move up in the game. Every fish given in the option has its own traits.

You need to be very careful while making different shopping choices based on a range of different factors as you progress through the game. ‘Fast Fish’ is the easiest and the quickest way to reach the top. Fish from this group grow fast. This fish has the highest return as far as investment is concerned. It helps you to level up fast. Mini Dart Goby and the Red Spot Cardinal are some of the kinds of fast fish.

The negative point of this game is that you have to feed the fish every five minutes which is obviously very clumsy. The main goal of this game is to raise a fish and find out how well each of their expansion cycles fit into your schedule. You need to make a plan in this game beforehand otherwise you might lead your fish to death.

Every fish is important to evaluate the profitability of each fish as you unlock it. It is not that simple to assume that a new option is better than the one you are using. In general, the higher the level which you need to achieve to unlock the fish, the greater profit you’ll earn by selling it. The fish in this game gains an experience every hour. Also, they are not equal. Some fish are supposed to be ignored and some will become your best friend.

Source by Steve Ellis Anderson

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