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ECS H55H-I Mini Motherboard Review and Specs


Featuress LGA1156 socket for Intel Core i5/Core i3 Clarkdale new generation desktop processors in a Mini-ITX 170×170 mm form factor
H55H-I is the ECS Mini-ITX form factor motherboard, featuring onboard HDMI/DVI connectors for High Definition display and S/PDIF optical and coaxial ports for high quality digital sound output. Perfect for setting up your personal Home Theater PC (HTPC) to enjoy Blu-ray playback in Full HD 1080P multimedia home entertainment.


1. ECS H55H-I Review: Mini-ITX at a Sensible Price by AnandTech

So far we’ve looked at three different mini-ITX motherboards here at Anandtech over the past 6 months. While each of the products we’ve reviewed have ticked a certain number of boxes, when you look at the feature sets of similarly priced m-ATX boards one of the irksome common denominators (among other things) with the mini-ITX offerings is that you essentially pay more for less. Well, ECS may just have delivered the perfect cost to feature ratio with the H55H-I, a $79 mini-ITX motherboard based on the Intel H55 chipset:

2. ECS H55H-I Mini ITX Motherboard Review by Guru3d

The product comes from ECS and is tagged as H55H-I, despite what you might think or feel about Mini-ATX, this little motherboard has it, it’s packed and loaded with features. Pop on a Clarkdale based processor like the Core i3 or Core i5 series and you can use it’s HDMI, DVI of DSUB graphics connector. Audio ? No worries the embedded Realtek ACL 8982 eight channel audio codec will happily output to analog or coaxial or optical TOSLINK S/PDIF connectors, need USB ? Well, the rear panel has six of them, need SATA2 ? Here we spot four ports and one eSATA, dual channel memory ? Yep supported, up-to 1600 MHz and in the end if you do not want to use the embedded graphics from the processor, then you can even pop in a full x16 PCIe graphics card and make a wicked gaming rig out of this incredibly handy H55H-I motherboard.

3. ECS H55H-I Motherboard Review by

Mini-ITX motherboards are becoming more and more popular as the motherboard chipsets that are available are getting better with each generation. Intel has been releasing new CPUs and motherboards and their latest mainstream motherboard chipset the H55 chipset would seem to be the perfect match for an ITX platform as it has decent integrated graphics performance, available CPUs with fairly power consumption and great performance.


  • Part Number     H55H-I
  • Manufacturer     ECS
  • Chipset     H55 Express
  • North Bridge     N/A
  • Socket     LGA-1156
  • Memory speed     DDR3 1333/1066
  • Processor Types    Core i7, Core i5, Core i3
  • Number of CPUs    1
  • QPI     Up to 4.8GT/second
  • Memory Type     DDR3
  • Memory Channels     Dual
  • Maximum Memory     8GB
  • External Graphics     PCI Express x16 2.0 x1
  • IGP     Intel GMA HD
  • SCSI     None
  • SATA     3.0 GB/s
  • RAID     N/A
  • LAN     10/100/1000
  • Firewire     N/A
  • USB     USB 2.0
  • Form Factor     mATX
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