Computer hardwareThese days computer hardware accessories abound the markets. Choices are galore, prices are competitive, products are stylised but don’t let all this overwhelm you. Know exactly what you may need to make the right choice.

  • What makes for best computer accessories? It is those that complement your computer usage and add value. To help you choose the right computer hardware accessories, you must:
  • Know the basics before you venture out to shop.
  • Check for online computer accessories, read up on them, see what you need and then decide what to buy.
  • To Understand the compatibility is a big issue. Old accessories may not function with the newer systems, be aware of this before you buy.
  • Look for online stores that offer good prices. Even if they offer cheap computer parts ensure that you get a guarantee from the manufacturer.

Some accessories may not be a major component of your computer but will help you to use it effectively.

1. Connecting cables are often ignored. They are either not long enough or too long. Here’s where getting the specific length helps. Also, cable tie-wraps or other harnesses help maintain an uncluttered work space.

2. Bluetooth and wireless accessories like wireless microphone, headset, keyboard and mouse make work easy. Small businesses and homes can choose wireless routers and hubs to avoid expensive wiring.

3. Computers that are meant for business use will need switches, peripherals, routers, modems, network devices, printers, scanners, UPS and power supplies.

4. There are accessories for people with physical disabilities, like a brail display for the blind, etc. If you are left handed don’t be left out, there are keyboards just for you!

5. Who can forget the gaming geeks? They can purchase exclusive keyboards, pointing devices and score cards.

6. Comfort shouldn’t take a backseat.To carry your laptop, notebooks safely there are special bags and suitcases that can be used even while traveling. Headphones and privacy screens are also available.

7. For those who do intensive work around designing, animation, etc. will need high-end graphic, video cards.

8. Gone are the days when you had to remember every password. Now, we have fingerprint readers, which help you prove your identity without a username and password.

9. Similar to a mouse, trackballs allow you to control the cursor on your computer screen. They use limited space and are a good alternative to a mouse.

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