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De Rosa DRM312 Junior Drum Set Review

The De Rosa DRM312 Junior Drum Set is exactly the kind of gift I had in mind for my young nephew. Right when I noticed that he was displaying interest in musical instruments (especially my friend's drum kit – we are never able to leave his house without my nephew banging on the drums for a while), I determined that I needed to get him something to help him explore his interest. The only catch was that I did not want to give him a cheap, easily-broken toy. I wanted to get him something that made him feel as if he is playing the real thing, just "child sized". So I got him the De Rosa DRM312 Junior Drum Set, and let me say, this drum set does not disappoint!

This kit has the same basic features that you would expect to see in a standard sized drum kit. It is cool to see the whole thing assembled, especially with the bass drum, snare drum, and cymbal – so cute! And it includes with all the important peripherals, such as drumsticks, a bass drum pedal, and a drum seat. It was a perfect value for what I paid! I found it online at a huge discount from its listed price. The best quality of the set, however, is the quality of all the parts. You can tell that this drum set is something that can get roughed up a little – as anything that does belong to children, and that it will not be broken easily. And I am certain that by the time my nephew gets too big for this, my sister will certainly keep it around for her next kid.

As mentioned by many other reviewers, there is a little assembly to do when the kit arrives. It might be a little confusing at first, especially if you have never assembled a drum kit before. However, I highly recommend watching some of the drum kit assembly videos posted on YouTube. They can teach you precisely how to assemble a drum kit.

When your child starts showing interest in music, it is the perfect time for them to start playing an instrument. In conclusion, I would 100 percent recommend this drum kit to anyone who wishes to grant their son or daughter a hands-on understanding of music appreciation. The De Rosa DRM312 Junior Drum Set is perfect for the aspiring percussionist new to the instrument.

Source by Sam Carver

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