10 Totally Pretty Wedding Fonts

1. Aphrodite Slim Aphrodite Slim Pro is not just a lighter version of its sister Aphrodite Pro. Aphrodite Slim Pro has duplicated the quantity of characters of its partner, and that means more than 500 new glyphs, reaching a total of more than 1000. More delicate and meticulous, Aphrodite Slim Pro is once more a […]

12 Free Pixel Fonts – Awesome Bitmap Fonts!

1. 04b 31 by Yuji Oshimoto   2. Abstract by Fonts For Flash 3. Aerial by Dust Bust Fonts   4. laitos by Fenotypefaces Font 5. Visitor by Ænigma   6. AnaScript by Sendhar Fonts 7. Beatbox by Taylor Deupree 8. Block Out 2097 by  Matthew Sephton 9. Bit Trip by sRB-Powers 10. BlockBit by Dust Bust Fonts 11. […]

15 Awesome Handwriting Fonts

1. Angelina by Anja Denali 2. Note this! by West Wind Fonts 3. Locomotion TTF The file’s in .TTF and as of now, I am not sure if they work with Macs. Feedback and comments are very WELCOME so don’t be shy, yeah? Could you guys send me a link to your deviation if you’ve used […]

18 Awesome Condenseded Fonts

1. Borzoi Medium Download free Borzoi Medium font from SearchFreeFonts.com. Preview Borzoi Medium font by typing your own text, write comments, or add to favorites for later download. Available for Windows and Mac 2. 10.12 4 3. Asenine Super Thin 4. SelznickNormal 5. Panther 6. laitos 7. Blue Highway Condensed 8. Institution 9. Globus 10. Walkway Condensed SemiBold […]