1. Angelina by Anja Denali

2. Note this! by West Wind Fonts

3. Locomotion TTF

The file’s in .TTF and as of now, I am not sure if they work with Macs. Feedback and comments are very WELCOME so don’t be shy, yeah?

Could you guys send me a link to your deviation if you’ve used my font by any chance? I’d like to see it in action. YEEAAAAASSSS.

4. le Grand Saut

There’s two files: Regular and Textual. Textual has smaller caps so that long texts will look less messy. (Yeah, I did that because many of you pointed out, especially in Estrya’s Handwriting, that the space between two lines is quite big. Problem is not totally solved with Textual, but it indeed is less messy. )

5. Hand Test by Érico Lebedenco

6. Dennis by DNA

7. Typeface: Love is a verb

8. My Handwriting

9. Rickman Script

This is a font of my handwriting… it’s not perfect but it’s functional.

10. BB Free Font: Whiteboard Modern Demo

11. Jellyka Endless Voyage

12. Estrya’s Handwriting

13. Nymph’s Handwriting Font


14. alliewriting.

15. Pea Snow


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