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Cafe World Domination Review – Is This Guide Any Good?

Social networking sites like Facebook have many online games that are quite fun and interactive. Farmville and Café World Domination are the two most popular games on Facebook that have a user base that boasts of millions of people. Café World by Zynga has around 10 million users and is still growing at a phenomenal pace. It is engaging, visually appealing and cute where cooking is the highlight of the game. Café world domination is an e-book that gives a lot of useful tips, tricks and secrets to build the ultimate café. A brief Café World Domination review is outlined below.

The basic concept of the game Café World is that the user is given a cafe and a certain amount of virtual money that he/she has to manage efficiently by serving the customers, balancing the stove space and making sure the place stays clean. Once the game starts, you become the chef and are given two stoves to cook and two tables for customers to be seated along with 7500 coins and 5 notes to buy ingredients for the various recipes. You can decorate the café and hire friends to help you in serving the dishes.

The e-book, Café World Domination is written by T. Hub, a well known gaming enthusiast who has given valuable tips and strategic insights to a number of complex games. It gives techniques on how to maximize your points, earn coins and points faster, achieve the highest level of the game, increase your buzz ratings, get the best décor for your café, get more neighbours and expand your café to get more customers. The guide offers a number of handy hints that are normally used by professional gamers.

The guide is available for $27 online and comes with a 100% money back guarantee. It is updated frequently and has detailed screenshots that make the instructions easy to understand. The tips offered are proven and really work as opposed to the multitude of information available on the net. You can boost up your earnings from the café by thousands of dollars and reach the higher levels by carefully following the step by step instructions. It provides the correct technique to play the game, without which it might take many hours to earn a few points.

By following the instructions given in the guide, you can increase the amount you spend on decorating the café and expand it further without spending any real money on it. This automatically gets you more customers and increases the earnings of you café. It also tells you how to prepare dishes that are difficult to make like ‘Impossible Quiche’ and the ‘Grand Tandoori Chicken’.

This is a really good guide which gives excellent tips with explanations that are easy to understand. This Café World Domination review ends by highlighting one flaw of the guide. It does not have clear screenshots or pictures to demonstrate the strategies that are enlisted. But apart from that, the guide is worth the money if you want to expand your café and maximize your earning potential.

Source by Jacob Jackson

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