Bulletstorm Xbox Game Review and DemoDescription:

Bulletstorm takes place in the 26th century, where the Confederation of Planets are protected by a secret black-ops army called Dead Echo. The story follows space pirate Grayson Hunt, voiced by Steve Blum, and his cyborg partner Ishi Sato, who were both dishonorably discharged from Dead Echo after they were betrayed by their commanding officer, General Sarrano. Ten years later, after a spontaneous and liquor-induced attempt to take revenge on the General and his forces, Hunt’s and Sato’s ship crash-landed on the planet Stygia, a former resort planet now overrun with meat-eating plants, feral mutant tribes, criminals, and Godzilla-sized monsters. Hunt and Sato search for a way off the planet, all while doing battle with the General’s forces, who also crashed on Stygia after Hunt’s attack. Along the way, they’re joined by Trishka, a foul-mouthed woman with a dark past who also knows her way around a gun. One of the locations they travel to on Stygia is the city of Elysium, formerly a Vegas-like adult paradise.


1. Bulletstorm Review by GameSpot

Sci-fi first-person shooter Bulletstorm is a celebration of adolescent crassness. It is neither artful nor sophisticated, proudly wearing strings of obscenities as a badge of dishonor. Subtle it isn’t; entertaining, it is. Where the meatheaded characters and forced, childish dialogue fail, the gameplay mostly succeeds, pushing you through a variety of attractive environments and encouraging you to “kill with skill.” In Bulletstorm, you earn points by kicking your enemies into cacti, shooting them in the rear end, and flinging them into the air with your electric leash, among many other variations and combinations of bullets, boots, and exploding barrels. You spend these points on ammo, weapon upgrades, and more, giving you reason to perform these moves beyond the initial gratification they provide. Bulletstorm is sometimes ludicrous and often ludicrously fun–an enjoyable and occasionally embarrassing journey to the profane future it predicts.

2. Bulletstorm Review From Asshole to Hero by IGN

Bulletstorm’s premise is original enough. Set in a space-faring future full of pirates and American Civil War cliches, Bulletstorm tells the story of Grayson Hunt, a former Confederate operative turned outlaw. Grayson has spent his post-Confederacy time harassing his former commander and keeping company with his also-outlawed squad, Dead Echo. When a random opportunity arises to strike directly against the heart of the Confederacy, Grayson sets his ship on a suicide run and maroons himself and his crew on the planet Stygia. It’s up to him to get the survivors off the planet, and maybe find some of the revenge and redemption he so desperately wants in the process.

3.  Bulletstorm Review by AttackofTheFanBoy.com

Bulletstorm’s array of distinct skill shots produces unprecedented levels of frantic gameplay. The skill shot system rewards players for laying waste to enemies in the most imaginative way possible. The more insane the skill shot, the more points players collect to upgrade and unlock weapons, which in turn allows them to execute even more inventive moves and exaggerated skill shots.


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