The Demands of Love is written by Rev Susan Tang, an ordained minister of the Assemblies of God in Malaysia. She has been pioneering and pasturing churches for the past 27 years. This book is a study of the Song of Solomon. It teaches the reader how to live in holiness as a single person, how to sustain longevity and effectiveness in ministry, how to deal with the dark dynamics or secret sins in our lives and how to serve and move in God’s timing.

The revelation truths expounded from the Song of Solomon has life-changing principles for our lives. Susan Tang has spoken clearly and boldly on issues of motives in serving the Lord and the need to do His will. This is a book for everyone who wants to understand the deepest meaning of God’s love which is the essence of any relationship especially in marriage. It helps us to define the standard of real love and its obligations.

Her message in this book is that God calls us to Himself alone. To fall in love with the Master and to find fulfillment in him as we respond to His demands of love will move us into maturity. We are not to live superficially but allow God to move us to where He wants us to be, find our security in Him and not in our ministry, profession, people or things.

The Demands of Love is of great encouragement. God uses the love story in Song of Solomon to depict His love relationship with the church. The love between a bride and a bridegroom is the freshest and the sweetest of all love; that is the way our relationship with the Lord is to be – fresh and sweet at all times. God gave us His best and He deserves the best in return.

Source by Elsa Shally

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