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Book Review: Do It! A Guide to Living Your Dreams

I have a bookcase of yellow paged well read books. I have pulled this one out again and checked to find it is still available. I also found some excellent reviews for it on Amazon. I agree with them it is an easy book to read and reminds us what to do to get out of our comfort zone and achieve our goals.

These are some of the comments from various readers:

“I highly recommend this book and am so pleased I finally found it”

“Most useful book I ever read”

“Hard hitting-for those that want to get off their buts”

“Timeless wisdom and wit!”

“I achieved amazing things following the authors advice and gaining wisdom”

“A great self-help book”

Pretty remarkable comments! John Rodgers and Peter MacWilliams also wrote the best-selling book “You Can’t Afford a Negative Thought”, I haven’t read it, perhaps I should, it’s still in print.

Sometimes you have to read several books to find one that really gets the message home, but I found this a well laid out source of inspiration. It is divided into 6 sections:

Part One – Why you are not living your dreams. The comfort zone is the biggest reason, we use fear, guilt, unworthiness, and hurt feelings as excuses for not doing things. All these negative emotions could give us energy to achieve if we didn’t let fear rule our lives.

Part Two – Built for Success. How to use the energy of fear to change your situation. More about the comfort zone and pushing past it.

Part-Three – Discovering and choosing your dreams. How do you choose what is important to you, and what will make your life fulfilling. Choices and consequences.

Part Four Building passion about your dream. How to develop passion, and turn a dream into a burning desire, with the help of visualization and other tools.

Part Five – Doing it! Do it now, action is necessary. No procrastination – Crastination is latin for leave it till tomorrow. Put your plans into action.

Part Six – Living your dreams. Now you are well on the way to living your dream – What next? Plan your next achievement, keep growing.

In all there are 467 pages to instruct you and take you from where you are now to success. It is quite a tomb, but easy to read as alternate pages have quotation, like me you can easily push through ignoring the quotations, or linger over then savouring words from great men.

It is one of those books you just have to read, if improving your circumstances is one of your desires. What would you really like to achieve, how would you like to change your life? If you knew you could not fail what would you embark on? Does working at home building an online business appeal to you. Do you long for time-freedom to spend flexible time with your family or following hobbies or other pursuits?

Affiliate marketing is a simple system for working online. It is simplest for beginners to enlist the help of a coach as with learning anything a coach or mentor is the surest way to learning a new task faster and more successfully. I struggled for ages until I found a great coach who provided professionally prepared best-selling products and up-to-date training. With the guidance of a good coach you can start earning whilst you learn the techniques.

Source by Anne O’Dwyer

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