Choosing the best selling flea market items depends largely on the location of the market. Some vendors prefer large, commercial markets with a wide variety of both used and new merchandise. Other focus on smaller, one-time sales such as those held at schools and churches. Selling at these can be profitable, but the choice of best selling items will be different. The biggest example of this is the ones held at churches. Finding the best selling flea market items for church markets takes careful consideration.

Besting Selling Flea Market Items – Read the Rules

Churches may have stringent rules about what can and cannot be sold at their market. Besides making sure you have all the necessary legal resale licenses, churches can have other guidelines based on personal morality. Your best selling product at a commercial venue may be R-rated DVDs. The church may not allow them. It is safe to say that weapons, adult items, and anything potentially blasphemous would not be the best selling items at a church.

Besting Selling Flea Market Items – Know the Market

If you attend the church the sale will be held at, getting to know the market is simple. Chances are, however, that you want to find the best selling merchandise for a group you know little about. Is the church in question primarily full of older people, African Americans, or young families? A solution is to call the person organizing the sale and ask. Then you will know what type of products to bring with you.

Church flea markets will attract people from outside the church. The general feel is one of community and family instead of professional merchandisers or treasure hunters. If you want best selling items for that market, cater to their needs and wants. Family items, gently used clothing, baby and child products like toys, cribs, and games are all good sellers. The best selling flea market items for church venues turn your weekend into a profitable business decision.

Source by Melanie L. Marten

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