‘Golf is not a Game of Perfect’ is one of Dr Bob Rotella’s masterpieces, and one of Golf’s bestselling books. It is ‘one of the three best selling golf books in history’ and is ‘the best selling sports psychology book of all time’.

‘Golf is not a Game of Perfect’ explains how important and significant the mental side of the game is on performance and provides you with simple and easy instructions to help you think more positively and increase your level of play.

Dr Bob Rotella believes that once you have learned the basic techniques of the golf swing, then technique actually only plays a part of about 10% of the game, with the remaining 90% made up of the mental approach. How you apply this mental approach will ultimately determine how successful you will become as a golfer.

Dr Bob Rotella reveals many of his amazing experiences that he has had whilst working with some of the games greats, such as Tom Kite, Brad Faxon, Davis Love III, Nick Price and many more. He also talks about the lessons that he has learned from these top professionals.

There are some fantastic quotes and inspiring messages spread throughout ‘Golf is not a Game of Perfect’ that will help you to understand the type of thinking and positive attitude required to becoming successful in this game.

Dr Bob Rotella also provides an appendix to ‘Golf is not a Game of Perfect’ called ‘Rotella’s Rules’ which gives you an easy to access and quick reference guide outlining all of the key messages to the mental side of the game.

If you have any interest in becoming a better golfer and lowering your handicap, then Dr Bob Rotella’s ‘Golf is not a Game of Perfect’ is not only a fascinating and interesting read but will also become an essential part of your golfing collection.

Source by Jack D A Brown

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