In the 1980s, publishing companies began to record their best selling books. This paved the way for the audio book market to gain a good, solid footing.

Sales of audio books have been on a steady increase ever since. Lately, publishers have been hiring celebrities to record their audio books, and this move is drawing more and more people to the products. Combined with mp3 and Internet technology, the popularity of audio books is at an all time high, with no indication of a decline. Indeed, the future of the audio book industry appears strong and bright.

With the combination of celebrity endorsement and web sites devoted to audio book downloads, more and more people are “getting back into books.” Now, even children’s audio books are available and are often used as tools to help children get interested in reading or learning how to read. There are even people out there who have grown up listening to books and have use them as learning tools in college to cover more materials in less time.

Audio books have always been — since their inception — valued by the blind. Now, even some magazine publications are catering to the blind and offering audio magazine subscriptions.

Market annalists predict a jump in iPod sales especially during the holiday season. People seem to love these strange little devices that allow them to listen to music and books and even watch videos virtually anywhere. You can take an iPod while jogging, to the doctor’s office, in your car, on a horse, a plane, a train — just about anywhere you would want to have a little entertainment.

Current trends show that self-help audio books are particularly popular right now. You can now be inspired to change your life simply by listening to expert lectures rather than trying to read dry text book style self-help books. Having these books on audio makes it easier for the average person to absorb and comprehend the ideas presented by the authors. Never before has a person been able to work on his or her personal problems while at work, jogging or even while washing dishes.

Source by Janet Rusky

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