Have you ever considered that 90% of those who start a new diet to lose weight end up failing? Those are not very good odds are they? No, not in the least and many a New Year’s Resolution has been broken due to poor diet program choices. However there is a book that I recommend you do read;

“Dr. Atkins ‘NEW’ Diet Revolution” by Robert C. Atkins M.D.; Harper Collins Publishers, Inc., New York, NY; 2002. (this book states it is; Completely updated; The must have edition).

The late Dr. Atkins was one of the most successful diet doctors in history, with his New York Time #1 Best Selling Books. 10s of millions of copies have been sold and folks really liked his diets, stating that they felt happier and healthier on his diets. But, did they work, did these people stay on these diets or did they fail as most diets do. That perhaps is my question after reading through this whole book, some 500 pages with references listed.

This edition has recipes, tips, and references, as well as the complete run-down on all Atkins work, research and theory. Have I tried this diet? Yes, I did, I enjoyed it, had no problems with it, didn’t lose much weight, a little, but I was not really overweight anyway. Did I have energy during the diet? Yes, I did, I followed the books recommendations and felt great.

Perhaps, this is why I wish to recommend this book to you as well. In fact, I would read it if I were you and buy a couple for your friends so you can all do the diet routine listed within together at the same time and compare results.

Source by Lance Winslow

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