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Are Carnegie's Self Help Books Still Good?

Self-help books which are so popular today appeared as we know them now in Victorian times. There are thousands of topics and titles to choose from: exercising, dieting, relationship, business, self-improvement, etc. Such books – those of them that are really good books, of course – can guide you through life's problems and help you feel more content. But this does not mean that self-help books are aimed at people with some sort of problems and can not get rid of them without assistance. There are a lot of self-help books that make a good read – they can be quite interesting and educating, just what a good book should be.

One of the most prominent self-help authors of all times was an American writer Dale Carnegie, who How to Win Friends and Influence People published in 1936 and How to Stop Worrying and Start Living (1948) are still hugely popular with general public. His self-help books are written in simple, appealing language and offer advice on the most popular topics such as relationship, success and mental wellbeing. Little wonder that they remain among the best selling books of all times.

I find Carnegie's books very inspiring and clever, that is why I have already read them twice and will read again. The first time I read How to Win Friends and Influence People I chose the book purely out of curiosity, not because I needed any special advice. I was surprised what a wonderful and inspiring read it was! Carnegie describes common problems and topics and suggests simple ways of dealing with them, just like they say – everything of genius is simple.

80 per cent of reviewers on a popular on line store brave How To Win Friends And Influence People the highest mark, this clearly shows that Carnegie's self-help books are still massive nowdays. The most reviewers confirmed that the book is still relevant and very helpful despite the fact that it was published over 70 years ago.

This tension is easy to explain – Carnegie describes universal things familiar to everyone and teachers how to deal with them, his principles can be applied to anyone's life. There are lots of examples in the books, they illustrate how these principles can work in real life. The stories themselves are good examples of how and in what situations the principles can be applied.

I would strongly recommend self-help books by Dale Carnegie to everyone who is interested in communication and psychology; His books are a great start and fundamental if you are only beginning to study those topics, at the same time they are a must, a classic textbook for professionals.

Source by Irina Milova

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