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Abba Gold CD

Mamma mia! This cd is great! “Abba gold” has got all the greatest Abba songs on one cd. Their music has stood the test of time. This album was first released in 1994 and then in 2002 and another in 2004. This group made hit after hit! Even the slow songs sound great! Abba are still featured on

play lists across the world.

My favorite songs on the cd are “Dancing queen”, “Gimme! gimme! gimme!”, “Money, money, money”, “S.O.S”, “Mamma mia”, “Thank you for the music”. “Waterloo” was Abba’s first UK no.1 single. “Mamma mia” and “Super trouper” were also UK no.1 singles. “Fernando” reached no.1 in 12 countries. “The best of Abba” is still the biggest selling album (1.1 million) in Australia,

spending 16 weeks at no.1 position.

“Money, money, money”, “Knowing me, knowing you” and “Dancing queen” were all great hits.

“Chiquitita”, “Does your mother know” and “Angleeyes”(not on this cd) reached no lower than no.4 in the UK. “Gimme! gimme! gimme!” was known as a disco hit in Europe. “The winner takes it all” was also a chart topper! Erasure released an album, which copied Abba’s songs. Abba hit back and

released an album that copied Erasure’s songs.

If you don’t have this cd, and you enjoy Abba, then I strongly recommend that you purchase this cd. You won’t be disappointed! Please feel free to click through to my website for a track list of this cd. You will also be provided with a list of the lowest priced retailers that stock this cd and many other

popular cd /dvd titles.

Source by Adrian Woodward

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