1. AJ Article

Your articles may be picked up by hundreds to thousands of highly-targeted content-hungry viewers all around the world who each have valuable email list members of their own. That means your article and expertise may be exposed to hundreds of thousands or potential users.

At AJ Article , we take your expertise, your quality original articles, and your membership with us very seriously. Our acumen and seasoned management team is backed with more than a dozen full-time team members committed to making you look good. Combine this with our obsession with delivering you a fast user experience that becomes more intuitive by the week and we know you’ll be able to get a quality return on your time when you submit your cogent articles today.

2. Article Directory WordPress Plugin

As you know, WordPress is the universal platform, that may be used not only for blog creating, but also for other web-site types.

Once me and my friend have created WordPress build for the article directory, but this build have one essential shortcoming.

To display the list of categories on the main page I had to edit source files of WordPress engine. But it has deprived of possibility to use WordPress as the article directory at release of new versions, because changing of the source codes each time is not reasonable decision.

The idea of creation of universal and convenient instrument for realisation on WordPress the catalogue of articles did not leave me. As a result I have created a Article Directory plugin.

The primary task of this plugin is display on the main page (or any another) the structured list of categories, which can be easily customized with CSS. Also plugin allows authors to publish articles and change their profile bypassing the admin interface.

3. ArticleMS

ArticleMS is a content publishing system designed for creating multi user, content driven sites.

ArticleMS can be used as an article site, a blog, news portal or anything where content matters. With the fine grained permission system you can choose who can publish where in your site, while you can completely change the look to your liking with the easy to use template system.

4. ArticleFriend Script

ArticleFriend Script is leading software for developing online article directories such as GoArticles and ArticleBase. What’s more is that this one is even better. Here’s your chance to go ahead with your very own turnkey article directory. With a top-of-the-line Article directory script such as this one, you can successfully and easily startup and manage a full-fledge article directory with a multitude of impressive features.

5. Your Article Directory Script

You can create your own article directory with our article directory script. Our Article directory script has easy to install with Installation Wizard. It has a powerful admin panel that allows you to manage your article directory.
Following are some of the features of the admin panel:

  • You can manage all the static pages.
  • It has powerful Ads and Banner Management system. You can control all your affiliate ads and Google Adsense.
  • It comes with 10 professional themes and you can change the site them with a click.
  • It comes with 200 categories and sub-categories. You can add, edit and delete the categories.
  • It has powerful Article Management system. You can manage live, in-review, problem and modified articles. You can also manage hot, featured and Article of the week (AOW) from admin panel.
  • It has powerful Author Management system. Authors have their own Author Panel where they can manage their article. Admin has a complete control over the Author Panel.
  • Create your very own article directory with massive Google Adsense income in minutes. This script is very quick and easy to install and comes with detailed installation instructions.
  • Check our demo to view the more features of our Article Directory Software.

6. Article Directory Script

  • No Encryption! Modifications are allowed!
  • FREE Installation Wizard
  • FREE One Year Updates $ Support
  • Unlimited Categories and Sub-Categories
  • Easy Banner Management For Ads
  • Powerful Author Management System
  • Complete Article Management System
  • User Friendly User ad management area and Admin area
  • Google Adsense / Analytics Ready!
  • 12 Beautiful Designs!

— You can also use Joomla & Drupal to create article directory. If you know any other article directories, then please let us know.

4 thoughts on “6 Best Article Directory Scripts”

  1. I’ve a blog and I want to know web-sites where I can find loads of good templates for it (Blogger)? Except from BlogSkins, please.

    1. Hello Wirral,
      Yes, looks like this plugin was last updated in 2011, more than 3 years ago. An maybe is not compatible with new WordPress versions. There are few maintained plugins / themes out there but all premium. We might need to do a post on Enfew listing the collection of such plugins.
      Let us know if you find any good ones so we can share.

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