1. Associate-O-Matic V 4.5

Associate-O-Matic (AOM for short) is a powerful, fully-featured store building application specifically tailored to Amazon Associates.

Now it’s simple to add a niche store to your website or blog or to create a standalone web store.
• Installs in just minutes
• All you need is a domain name and a web host with PHP
• Runs on Linux, Unix and Windows Servers
• Absolutely NO programming required
• Absolutely NO database required
• A single license lets you setup multiple stores, with multiple domains (using your Amazon Associate IDs)
• Freedom to focus on creating your stores instead of worrying about a cumbersome license
• With our Full Version (paid version), you keep 100% of any affiliate commissions/traffic from your stores.
• With our Lite Version (free version), you keep 90% of any affiliate commissions/traffic from your stores.
• Simple subscription plan – $99 first year, $20 per year thereafter (Full Version)

2.  Affiliate Niche Script

affiliate niche script

Affiliate Niche Script is a complete, automated e-commerce website solution. It is not lightweight & restrictive like Associate-O-Matic or other competitors.

  • Own web store in any niche
  • Unlimited stores with one license
  • Multiple income sources
  • Earn up to 15% from Amazon orders
  • Income from eBay and AdSense ads
  • Multiple Languages of Amazon site
  • Cost effective one-time payment

3. Amazon Shop

With Amazon Shop you can run your very own fully functional shop without dealing with stock, payments etc… just setup an Amazon Associate account, install the ‘Amazon Shop’ script using the easy installation file and your ready to go!

You can easily edit which categories and items are displayed on your site. You can offer any of the items that Amazon does and earn upto 15% in referal fees.

4.  Fresh Store Builder

Create a “hands free” store and earn up to 15% from every order – paid directly to you from Amazon.

Easy to setup and use, 100% customizable, packed with features and proven to perform in the search engines

3 thoughts on “4 Best Amazon Niche Store Builder Script”

  1. Absolutely 100% go for Fresh Store Builder. I tried AOM and received a Google penalty, not tried the others but FSB brought me sales within a week

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