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8 Ways To Display Your Twitter Followers Counter With jQuery

1. Get Total Twitter Followers With jQuery

There are many snippets on the Internet that show you how to get total Twitter followers of an user, most of them are written in PHP or other server-side script languages. But do you know that we can do that with only pure Javascript by using ajax in jQuery?

2. Twitter Followers Count Snippet for WordPress

Here’s a short snippet to grab and display your twitter followers count in WordPress. You can use this anywhere, sidebar, posts, header, footer. We’ll be firing an anonymous call to the Twitter API for a user profile. This method does not require authentication, unless you’re trying to view a protected profile. To make this slightly easier I’ve used the JSON functions which are available in PHP 5, but you can easily get them to work in PHP 4 (and as Alex mentioned in the comments below, WordPress comes with it’s own JSON functions for PHP 4 users, which is awesome).

3.  Twitter API and jQuery Showcase: Display your Followers or Friends

Today I was playing around with the Twitter API and created this little “widget” using jQuery and PHP. I know, there are already plenty of them, but I wanted to improve some details.

Some of the features are:

  • You can get your most recent 100 followers or friends
  • Followers or friends are shown in sets of 25 per widget page
  • The images of the users are preloaded (unlike in Twitter)
  • You can navigate through the set
  • You can refresh the entire set
  • More information on the user can be seen using a tooltip when hovering over his picture

4. Combined Facebook, Twitter & RSS Social Stats with jQuery, PHP & YQL

As we increasingly depend on more and more social services, there rises the need to provide a simple way to let our website visitors take part of our diverse social presence.

In this tutorial we are going to create a simple widget, which combines the number of your RSS readers, twitter followers, and fans of your facebook fan page, to give a rough estimate of your social popularity.

We are using jQuery and the tipTip plugin, object-oriented PHP, and Yahoo’s YQL, while demonstrating a number of interesting web development techniques.

5. Cool Tweet/Twitter Follower Counter Using jQuery

In the current time of social networking social bookmarks have become lifeline of any website that needs to attract traffic ( including :P). Everyone wants to show the number of subscribers/follwers of  is/her site. This task has been oversimplified by jQuery, where a single line of code can ease your life a lot. In this post I am showing how to display ‘Number of tweets’ and ‘Number of Twitter followers of your

6. Tricks: Display Total Twitter Followers as Text on WordPress

Everybody blogging everybody using Twitter for Microbloging tools. On this tips, I will show you how to display your total twitter followers on your sidebar or whatever and displaying as text. All need to do is add little bit code on your header.php or footer.php or sidebar.php files. and done.

7.  Twitter Friends & Followers Widget – A jQuery Plugin!

There is a Facebook fans widget, Google friends widget, what about a Twitter friends widget?!
Here is a jQuery plugin that you can embed anywhere to display pictures of your Twitter followers or friends (whom you follow) and their latest tweets if you like.

By featuring your Twitter friends or followers on your blog, you will encourage others to become friends too..

8. jTwitter, jQuery and getting the number of followers

It just is a very small wrapper around the Twitter API and it returns the json document that the api uses. It is very easy to use, once you know how ;-).
i’m really excited to see how you use in your projects and stuff, Don’t forget to subscribe. :0

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