1. How to: Integrate a pagination in your WordPress theme

When creating a premium WordPress theme, it is really better to use a pagination instead of the good old “previous page” and “next page” links. Sure, there’s plugins, but what about embeding a pagination without asking the user to install a plugin? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to directly integrate the Wp-PageNavi plugin in your WordPress theme.

2. How to build a WordPress Post Pagination without plugin

WordPress only comes bundled with the “next page” and “previous page” links to navigate between different blog overview pages. If you happen to have a blog with a lot of posts or simply want to offer a better user experience I would recommend to remove those links and replace them with a pagination like most people (including me) are using in their templates.

3. Custom Pagination without WordPress Plugins

On day 9 of our Advents Calendar we show a custom pagination function which allows a user to insert custom next, previous or numbered page links into a post. Use the follow code for an custom plugin or insert the function in your theme, inside the functions.php. Please see the second code-area for an example to hook inside the function for custom parameters.

4. Create Post Pagination without Plugin

his method only using litle bit functions and we can use it easely. Original Source code by Kriesi. Thanks for creating wonderful tutorial.

5. How to Integrate Pagination in WordPress without Plugins

Many of us will be in this situation, where we have to split the content into multiple pages for better accessibility. Luckily wordpress supports pagination concept and we can implement it on the fly using this simple code below

— If you know any other tutorial about pagination in wordpress, please share with us. It will really help our users.

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