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11 New Services That are BIG & Coming From Google In 2011

1. Google CEO: Web TV Service to Be Offered Worldwide in 2011

eric schmidt photo google ceo
Eric Schmidt – Google CEO

Google Inc. Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt said the company plans to extend its Web television service from U.S. viewers to global consumers in 2011.

Google has an agreement with Sony Corp. to launch Web TV in the U.S. this fall, while Samsung Electronics Co., the world’s largest television manufacturer, said today it may make sets run by Google’s software to compete with Sony and Apple Inc. in the market for TVs that access movies, shows and games online. Schmidt declined to say which other manufacturers will integrate Google Web TV into their televisions

“We will wait for them to make their announcements,” Schmidt said at a press briefing at the IFA consumer electronics conference in Berlin. “You should expect that other TV manufacturers would love to have this product. It’s free.”.

2. Google To Expand And Market Movie Streaming Service In 2011

Google is expanding its feature film streaming service, says a source who’s been briefed on the product. The service will likely be an expansion of the current movie rental/streaming test launched by Google earlier this year. Announcements should be made in early 2011, says our source, and will be heavily marketed.

Ex-Netflix executive Robert Kyncl, who was hired by Google earlier this year, is negotiating studio deals, says our source. The service will initially focus on top tier films and to focus marketing efforts there, including pairing with Google TV. A deeper library will be added over time. Existing rental titles are certainly not new release top tier films.

3. Google’s Secret Social Initiative Delayed Until Spring 2011 [EXCLUSIVE]

google logo
Google Logo

Google’s big social initiative, once thought to be a full-fledged social network named “Google Me,” is experiencing delays that have pushed back the launch until spring 2011. Mashable has learned that Google’s big social play could debut in March or April, a far cry from earlier rumors that pegged a 2010 launch date.   The project is a top-secret affair, even within the company. It is being led by Vic Gundotra, one of the company’s public faces and a VP of engineering.

“We’re always experimenting with new ways to improve our products, and we have already confirmed that we are focused on incorporating social elements across Google,” a Google spokesperson told us when reached for comment. “But we have nothing new to announce at this time.”

4. Gmail Google Voice extends free calls to US numbers through 2011

Gmail-Google-Voice-extends-free-calls-to-US-numbers-through-2011Back in August, Gmail launched its in-mail calling service and promised it will be free for calling U.S. and Canadian-based numbers until the end of 2010. Now, “in the spirit of holiday giving and to help people keep in touch in the new year” Google extends the free calling through 2011.

5. Linux Desktop and Google in 2011

Sparing you the “this is the year of the Linux desktop” type statement once again, I’d like to turn your attention to where I believe Linux is headed in 2011 and beyond. Considering some of the amazing milestones that have already been met, it’ll be interesting to see if Linux can maintain its forward momentum.

Linux in 2010 held its own in the world of embedded systems, saw some successes in the server space in the enterprise world, and gained significant achievements in the desktop space as well.

6. Google Predicts Rise of Web OS in 2011

With the launch of ChromeOS, Google chief executive Eric Schmidt has realized his long time dream of building a network computer, one that taps into the Internet and offers browser-based-network-hosted applications. My view, when it comes to the ChromeOS? Google should forget chasing the consumers and go hard after the corporate market – especially after verticals that need low-cost, zero-maintenance machines dedicated to a few tasks.

7. Google to launch e-book service in Japan in 2011

US Internet giant Google said Monday it would launch an electronic books service in Japan next year despite a chilly reception from major Japanese publishers. The Japanese version of Google Editions may have to start with a limited number of titles, said Yoichi Sato, a strategic partner development manager at Google Japan.

8. Google Multimedia Services Could Disrupt in 2011

Google won the 2010 smartphone market. Will yet-to-be-announced Google multimedia services disrupt the market and make the company a winner in 2011 too?

Is it possible to find smartphone winners and losers in 2010? An increasingly complex smartphone market has made it difficult to pick clear winners and losers, but there’s especially one company that stands out from the crowd as a clear winner: Google.

Regardless of smartphone platform, if you use your phone to perform tasks beyond basic calling and text messaging, there’s a good chance that you’re using Google services on a regular basis – either of the ad-supported or enterprise kind.

google-2011-charity-happy holidays 50000000 dollars

9. Google wants to help 50 Million people in 2011 and here’s how

Google has started 2011 with charity in mind. Next year, the search giant has set its target to help over 50 million people.

To make that possible, $20 million will be donated to these charity organizations:, ASHOKA, Bharti Foundation, Connecting Up, Global Strategies for HIV Prevention, LASA, NatureBridge, NPTech, NTEN, UNICEF.

10.  Google Hackathon – January 22, 2011

Alistair Croll at Year One Labs just announced that he’s instigated – with the support of Google – a Google Hackathon for January 22nd, 2011 that will be hosted at the shared space, RPM.

11. Google Wave Still Dead, But Funeral Won’t Be Until 2011. And Data Export Coming

Yes, Google Wave is dead — but it won’t fully flatline until some time in 2011, Google confirmed in a post today. Well actually, their words were that (the front-end product) “will be available at least through the end of the year.” But yes, you can probably expect them to shut it down sometime in 2011.

And Predictions For Google in 2011….

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