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5 Tips to Buy CBSE Books Cheap

CBSE textbooks are for the Central Board of Secondary Education under which many private and public schools in India fall. Each year, the board conducts 10 and 10 + 2 exams which determine the academic life and career of students. On the basis of these exams, 10th standard students can gain admission to high schools while high school kids can enter colleges for studying a specific subject. If you are trying to buy CBSE Books Cheap, here are 5 tips that will help you.

Register with membership sites

The majority of web-based book stores offer membership to buyers. Those who become members are given special perks and advantages through free shipping, discounts or rewards. As a member, you can also sign up to get free alerts sent as mails to your inbox. You can stay updated about whether you can get deals on the books that you require.

Buy from used book stores

Many students prefer to sell off their books after their term is over, or if they drop mid-term during their academic session. These books land up in used book stores, and can be purchased at lower costs. A lot of books are sold in pristine condition while some come with slight tears or other problems, but still in readable and usable condition. Most used book stores put up books for sale after proper quality check.

Buy from discount book stores

You can also consider buying CBSE NCERT Books online from discount book stores. These consist of both used and new best-selling books, and are some stores are ready to offer up to 80% discounts. There are discounts offered over bulk orders. Many of the stores based online even offer free shipping to international customers. These do not have the overhead expenses associated with brick and mortar bookstores, which allows the bookstores to offer reduced rates, discount codes, reward programs and promotional offers to customers.

Look for promo codes

A lot of stores offer promo codes or discount coupons online, which help reduce prices by a significant measure. These are able to lower your overall purchase costs over the total number books that you buy. You have to simply type the jumble of text and numerals into the box in the checkout page, in order to avail the discount.

Go for eBooks

These days, many students are choosing eBooks over printed books due to the convenience and cost savings. E-books are digital books in PDF format which can be read in smartphones, tablets and other digital devices. These come at a lower cost, due to the fact that the cost of manufacturing them is minimal. You can get everything in the eBook format – from CBSE mathematics books to literature books. E-books are removing the need for students to carry bulky books to school, and these can be downloaded to digital devices and carried to schools very easily. No need to carry a bag anymore. There is also the benefit that this makes books available instantly, without waiting for days for their arrival.

Source by Suman Sinha

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