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16 Flash Based Games Development Tutorials

1. Flash Based Games Development Tutorials

One of the most popular Flash games around the web during last months was a game (with some variants) called Flash Element TD, “a Macromedia Flash based Warcraft TD game inspired by Element TD for WarcraftIII”, as says its author, David Scott. The game concept is simple: there is a road, and some minions walking that road. You have to kill all minions before they reach the end of the road. You can build several facilities to kill minions and earn money to upgrade weapons as the minions get stronger and faster.

2. Catapult Game Tutorial

This tutorial explains step-by-step how to create a catapult game. The assumed knowledge is how to create movie clips, how to draw, and basic actionscript. I’ll try to explain the rest.

3. Create a flash draw game like Line Rider or others

In the last months I saw a lot of flash drawing games, like Line Rider and Softball. The concept is very simple yet addictive because the player has the capability to draw the stage. In the first part of this tutorial I’ll cover the drawing. The first thing to do, in the first frame, is to create the object where we are going to draw.

4. Create a survival horror game in Flash tutorial

This is the beginning of a new and very funny tutorial serial that introduce some concepts I’ve never seen before in a Flash game. We’ll learn how to create the engine for a survival horror game. From Wikipedia: Survival horror is a video game genre in which the player has to survive against often undead or otherwise supernatural enemies, typically in claustrophobic environments and from a third-person perspective. I am going to create a very dark, claustrophobic ambient. This tutorial is inspired by a spanish tutorial I found here, but I am going beyond the concepts explained there.

5. Ping Pong – Ball Movement

For the first part in developing a pong game we are going to make the ball move and bounce.

6. Create a flash artillery game

Here we are with the beginning of a new tutorial. We are going to create a flash artillery game. Something like Worms. Or similar. Well… the first thing we need in an artillery game is…The crosshair

7. Create a flash game like Security

Some days ago a reader told me about Security 2 game. It’s a simple game: navigate through a level by using the arrow keys avoiding security traps and guards

8.  Creation of realistic spheres in Flash with textures and masking

I was preparing a new tutorial involving a visual from above, with a ball rolling on a tile map, and that’s what I coded first.

9. Creation of a game like String Avoider tutorial

A really interesting “avoidance game” that was made in those days is String Avoider. The author of this “More than 1 million views” game in Newgrounds explains it in 12 words: “Avoid colliding with walls and guide your string through each unique level”. And that’s it. The aim of the game is guiding your string through some levels without touching the walls. It’s very similar to the ball game I am discussing in this site, but this time the ball is controlled by the mouse and has a “tail” that responses in a very “real life” way. Something very hard to code, you may say. It’s not that hard to reproduce a string movement in Flash, even if the built-in string class does not help us…

10. Rotation Using Atan2

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to program the tank rifle so that it changes its rotation according to where your mouse is. It’s good to know the little piece of code that makes the effect possible since it comes in really handy in many kinds of Flash applications, mostly in games, but not only. For instance, I saw an example of this code “in action” on one Flash website on which there was an object that kept turning towards my mouse.

11. Create a Flash ball game with visual from above tutorial

This tutorial does not cover anything new (well, this first part of this tutorial) but shows you how to create a Flash ball game with a visual from above and some decent graphics. Being a ball game, I suggest you all to read the basics for a ball game movement in this tutorial. In this one, there is no gravity but the method is the same. In this tutorial I’ll cover two types of gameplay: one with the ball that runs on a static stage, and one with a fixed ball with a scrolling stage. We’ll see the pros and cons of both type of games. First of all, let’s start with the aim of the game: you have to take your ball to the exit of each level avoiding any kind of traps.

12. Basic Space Shooting Game Tutorial

This tutorial is a continuation of the Basic Space Shooting Game Tutorial, where we’ll be making it possible to destroy asteroids with the missiles. If you haven’t been following this tutorial, you can download the FLA from here. This next installmentl is divided into the following parts: 1) Creating a Destructable Asteroid (Starts Below) 2) Animating the Asteroid 3) Add Missile / Asteroid Collision Detection

13. Creating a Flash Lite Game – Tutorial

Making rich media for mobile consumption has never been easier since the release of the Flash Lite player for mobile devices. You can make a vector graphics game that could be played on any device regardless of its operating system or screen resolution easily as long as that device is equipped with the Flash Lite player – and lets not forget that you can play that game on a PC as well without using any emulators because the file is still a Flash movie that could be played on the Flash Player. This tutorial will teach you how to create a Flash Lite game playable on the Flash Lite Player version 1.1 – one of the earliest versions and most restricted, but the most widely spread version as well. Our basic game could be created without using the advanced features provided in later versions. Adopting Flash Lite 1.1 will guarantee that the game will be compatible with the largest possible number of Flash Lite powered devices

14. A strange way to move the player with Flash

When I look for some inspiration I browse some sites where talented designers post. One of them is Newgrounds, almost all famous games are listed in it. I found a pretty good game called Pacco with a strange way to move the player. I have to be honest, I did not like the game itself but I liked something about the way you move the player.

15.  Create a Dynamic Football field with Adobe Flash and ActionScript

I got a call from a guy at a locat TV Studio asking me for some kind of application that they could use to show of tactics of football maches. This is what i came up with (with some help from a buddy).

16. AS3 Character Movement: Helicopter Games

There are tons of games that involve character movement and controls and because one of the most popular tutorials on AS Gamer at the moment is about movement… I figured it was time to discuss a variety of movement methods. The first one we are going to discuss is Helicopter game movement. Everybody has played those helicopter games where you have to fly the helicopter through a maze without crashing. If you haven’t well then I suggest you try out Skylocopter 2 and Helicopter Game. Anyway, today we’re going to learn how to make that helicopter move the way it does.

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