7 Ubuntu Themes To Make Your Desktop Even More Awesome in 2011

1. Prudence Next Generation 0.6.4

Theme require only pixmap and clearlooks engines! Fast and beauty =)

2. Orta 1.4.1

3. Atolm 0.7.5

You will need the murrine, pixbuf and equinox gtk engines to use this theme. The AwOken icon theme is also highly recommended as is Nautilus Elementary.

Atolm 0.7.5

4.  LaGaDesk-N12-GTK Collection

LaGaDesk-N12-R (Red version of GTK includes Metacity and two Emerald themes)

LaGaDesk-N12-GTK Collection (includes six GTK themes and Metacity theme)

LaGaDesk-N12-GTK Collection

5. Paranoid 0.4

Gnome gtk2 Desktop Theme. Runs on Murrine, Equinox and Pixbuff Engines. Color Changeable, Standard color screen 1.  Any questions, happy to oblige…
Enjoy using this theme =D


6. Plastic Epidemic

Linux Gnome Desktop Theme… Murrine meets Equinox on this excursion. Some images used – mainly transparent total image weight 9.4 kb…  Runs with or without menubar applets – better with nautilus elementary…very flexible as the colours are changeable via the usual channels.

Plastic Epidemic 3.4

7. Nimbus 0.1.4-2

This is the OpenSolaris default theme – Nimbus. It includes:

– Gtk engine
– Gtk theme
– Metacity theme
– Icons
Nimbus 0.1.4-2

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