1. Apple Shooter ( Archery Archer Battle Shoot Bow & arrow Shooting cartoon Game ) By Al-Khawarizmi

Apple Shooter ( Archery Archer Battle Shoot Bow & arrow Shooting cartoon Game )

A Great Game for all the Archery Lovers.
Your goal in this fun shooting game is to shoot the apple off from your friends head using a bow and arrow. Don’t miss or you might end up hitting your buddy. Each level positions you further away thus increasing the difficulty.

Touch the Screen and adjust the arrow to target the apple and release it to shoot.

2. A Tribe War By Rockifone.com

In this action game, take the bow and arrows to defend your tribe with your allies. Enemies come in endless waves. They’ll be faster and smarter in the next wave. The key to survive is taking out the most dangerous enemy first and wisely using the money you have earned to get the right reinforcement! How many waves can you defeat?

3. Angry Robin Hood ! (baloon shooting challenge for Kids…) By Kids Place

The best sniper challenge game. Help Robin hood in his challenge, aim at the balloons with your finger and touch the screen to fire. Hit as many balloons you can as fast as you can to become a sniper champion.
Robin hood is so angry and mad. You must help him win this challenge and prove he is the best sniper in the world!!!!!

4. BabyHood Xmas By Synthetic Nest

How good is your timing and reaction speed?
Help BabyHood with his target practice. A simple game for any age to enjoy, glide your fingers up and down the wooden slider to position BabyHood, wait… wait… then a simple touch to release his arrow…Bullseye! This game is great for all ages, unlike other bow and arrow or archer games Babyhood doesn’t require precise angle control or arrow acceleration control so it’s great for young children.
At its essence BabyHood is a timing game, instantly fun but satisfyingly challenging to master.

BabyHood Xmas By Synthetic Nest

5. Bow & Arrow By iPhoneCodeTutorials.com

For centuries, the bow and arrow was the ultimate weapon in battle for medieval European and Asian warfare. It’s origins date back to even further–to the cavemen who slayed mighty dinosaurs with a simple wood carved bow and arrow. Today’s versions are more sophisticated, but the bow and arrow continues to kick serious butt! Now the action is right in the palm of your hand with Bow & Arrow!

To activate, just touch the screen to load a bolt in your weapon, aim and then start firing away. It’s that easy. Great for intense matches with friends! Set up some targets and face off in competition. Or have an all-out war where there’s only one left standing. Whether your saving a 18th princess in distress or engaging in a 21st century shootout, be sure to bring the heat with Bow & Arrow!

Bowmaster By iOccam

6. Bowmaster By iOccam

Draw your bow, take aim and release your inner Robin Hood in the most immersive archery experience.
Glide your fingers across the touchscreen just as you would control a real bow and arrow with your hands.

Assume the role of a bowman who aspires to join the Merry Five and become their new leader, the Bowmaster. Achieve this by challenging each member in a one-on-one archery contest where skill and determination are key to overcoming each of the opponent’s unique strengths.  Aim high and strike true to better other bowmen’s online scores and become the worldwide Bowmaster!

7. iBow Hunt By Blazing Lizard, Inc.

Experience the time honored tradition of hunting deer with a bow and arrow!

In this arcade style game, use the touch screen to intuitively aim and fire your bow at deer in 3 beautifully detailed, multi-layered environments! Earn points by hitting them in the heart, head, and body. Score as many points as you can within the two minute time limit!

8. I AM NINJA! By Axosoft

You are a lone Ninja facing a land overrun with pirates, zombies and evilized ninjas. You must use the ninja skills of quick reaction, dexterity, strategy, and love of KILLING to survive the never-ending onslaught. Dead them before they dead you.
Aim using your device’s accelerometer and shoot by tapping the screen. As in real life, some enemies will require more than one shot, so pay attention to the blood!

You’ll start off with a virtually unlimited supply of good old fashioned blowdarts, but you’ll need better weapons to survive for long. Thankfully there’s a Ninja Store, but it ain’t cheap. You’ll get cash based on the # of points earned per level. Increase your points with overall accuracy and with the consecutive-shot multiplier. After clearing a level, you will be given an opportunity to play a mini-game to earn even more cash. Then, go shopping. Buy killer weapons like the Ninja-Q (fire arrows), the Triple Death (3 darts fire at once), or Da Bomb (Da Bomb!).

9, iZombieArcheryLite By Mobile Force

“IZombieArchery” is a fast paced action game where you are pitted against the unholy. Will your skills in archery prevail against these monsters. Or will you falter as they try to distract you with their worldly charms. You are the only one with skill to stop the zombie infestation.
Aim with your trust magic bow and arrow, you set out to dispatch the zombies. With a careful aim and lightning controls responses you will be able to devastate these foes.
Attack your opponents at their weak spots, head, hands, chest or legs, whatever you can hit. Launch your arrows with pin point accuracy. Critical shooting will be awarded; will you be tough enough to make the online ranking chart?

10. Power Arrow2 By Tinome Software

Power Arrow is a very simple but very fun game! This game provides a nice picture, sweet sound and beautiful music. Moreover, Power Arrow is still a very fun game for all ages.

This is a short and sturdy game, 5 minutes will make your own satisfaction, and every play, can have a new experience.

11. Robin Hood – Archer of the Woods By Clickgamer.comRobin Hood - Archer of the Woods By Clickgamer.com

The world’s most famous archer has arrived on the iPhone in this swashbuckling castle defense game! Take control of Robin Hood and rain destruction from above on your enemies in awesome Retina Display graphics! Protect your village and battle against foes ranging from classic medieval soldiers to giant weapons of siege warfare, and then prepare for the almighty enemy – soldiers on wooden segways!

Employ Robin’s trusty bow to take out your enemies at long range. Use the intuitive control system to scout out your foes and learn to judge the trajectory and distance of your shots in pursuit of those oh-so satisfying headshots.

12. World Archery Classic By DREAM C&C Canada

World Archery Classic By DREAM C&C Canada

Do you like to compete with others?

  • Here is a fantastic addictive shooting game.
  • You can compare your score with others via the Ranking Server.
  • Don’t treat this game just like other games.
  • Have you ever done Gun Shooting or Any Kind of Shooting in your real life?
  • Believe it or not, I had used the M16 and couple of more guns.
  • I think “Stop Breathing” is the most important part of any kind shooting before pulling the trigger.
  • But this is not a Gun Shooing Game… this is a Bow and Arrow Game.
  • It means there is another thing you need to take care of.
  • Please figure that out by yourself … 🙂


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