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Are you bored with doing something…? come and have some thing wow and woooh kind of smart ride with ‘Zombie Death Race’. Ride on with your vehicle to chase an endless
destination. Kill the irritating zombies with your armed vehicle… Race and Kill with creepy zombies which attacks you and stops you from reaching your destination.

Drive your way through a zombie apocalypse. Avoid hitting the obstacles to maintain the speed…‘aah nooo…. a war chariot is the correct word to describe your vehicle’

to protect yourselves in the way to chase endless from zombie and slide your smart piece to escape from the hurdles..
Stunning 3D graphics and enthusiastic soundTracks
Be prepare to race to kill Zombies.
Zombie-blasting racing gameplay.
Kill Zombies to earn cash and buy new cars.
Use nitrous boost to quickly escape


TILT the device left and right to steer the RIG into debris to kill the Zombies when they catch your RIG.
TAP on the screen to shoot the Zombies
Kill/Smash the Zombies and unlock more powerful RIGs.


-Kill Zombies to earn cash & buy powerful RIG.
-Stunning 3D Graphics and Soundtracks.
-Three Different and Powerful classic RIG.
-Endless mode.
-Download free full version game and enjoy unlimited play!
-Optimized Interface for a touch-based device.

Now Download,
Score how much have you can to protect yourselves, Go timeless with chasing endless.
Happy Gaming……!

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By Kiran Jodhani

Download from Itunes

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