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Learn how to use Microsoft Office for iPad, including Excel for iPad, Word for iPad, and Powerpoint for iPad. This tutorial includes 38 easy-to-follow videos averaging a short 5 minutes in length for easy comprehension and covers the basics of how to use Office on your iPad. Why fumble around trying to figure out how to create columns in Word for iPad, or add notes to your Powerpoint presentation, or create charts in Excel for iPad when we can show you how.

Videos Include:

Common Shared Features
– Creating and Saving Documents
– Undo and Redo Changes
– Selecting and Styling Text
– Working with Tables
– Working with Pictures
– Working with Shapes
– Working with Text Boxes
– Working with Comments
– Finding and Replacing Text
– Sharing Documents
Working with Excel for iPad
– View Options
– Working with Sheets
– Selecting Cells, Rows, and Columns
– Changing the Look of Cells
– Formatting Cells
– Adding Borders to Cells
– Insert, Delete, and Shift Cells
– Using Fill to Enter Data
– Sorting and Filtering Cells
– Working with Charts
– Totals, AutoSum, Formulas, and Functions
Working with Word for iPad
– Page Orientation, Size, and Margins
– Text Direction, Columns, and Sections
– Headers and Footers
– Pages, Page Breaks, and Page Numbers
– Hyperlinks and Footnotes
– Tracking Changes
– Spelling, Ruler, and Word Count
Working with Powerpoint
– Working with Slides
– Working with Transitions
– Adding Notes to Slides
– Playing Slideshows

Download today and learn how to use Office for iPad!

By Noteboom Productions, Ltd.

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