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Find out how to make beautiful movies anywhere with your iPad and iMovie. Tutor for iMovie for iPad has 34 easy-to-follow videos on how to create movies and movie trailers with iMovie for iPad. The video lessons cover everything from the browsing your projects, doing quick edits in your photos app, using the timeline, adding effects including picture-in-picture, working with transitions, detaching audio from video clips, creating movie trailers, and sharing your movies. We even show you how you can share an unfinished project from your iPad to another iPad or iPhone! The tutorial covers everything you need to create your next blockbuster on your iPad! All videos were captured on an iPad and optimized for the iPad for the best learning experience.

Find out how to:
 – set and change your theme
– add music to the background
– apply the Ken Burns effect
– share your new movie
– add your location to a theme
– change the transition
– change the length of the transition
– change the length of time a photo is shown
– reorder your clips
– use precision editing to edit your clips
– do more with iMovie!

Videos include:
Browsing and Quick Edits in Photos App Introduction
– Browsing and Favoriting
– Making Quick Edits in Photos
Creating Movies
– Creating Movie Projects
– Adding Video Clips and Photos
– Navigating the Timeline
– Rearranging and Removing Clips
– Trim, Rotate, Duplicate, and Split Clips
– Adjusting Zoom of Video Clips
– Adding Ken Burns Effect to Photos
– Cutaways, Picture-in-Picture, and Split-screen
– Adjust Speed and Add Freeze Frame
-Working with Transitions
– Fine Tuning Video Edits
– Adding Titles and Location
– Adding Video Filters
– Undo and Redo
– Project Settings
Working with Audio
– Adding Background Music
– Adding Audio Clips and Sound Effects
– Detaching Audio from Video Clips
– Fine Tuning or Adjust Audio
Creating Trailers
– Creating Trailer Projects
– Outline Titles and Credits
– Storyboard Videos and Photos
Sharing your Projects
– iMovie Theater
– Sharing Options
– Sharing Projects with other iOS Devices

Everything you need to get started using iMovie for your iPad!

By Noteboom Productions, Ltd.

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