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Crafty IE Sync is finally here to unify your browsing experience between your Windows computer(s) and your Apple devices. Your Internet Explorer Favorites, Bookmarks and Tabs (Yes Tabs!) will be seamlessly and instantly synced to you iPhone(s) and iPad(s) and open in your preferred browser.

You will no longer lose your open tabs and history when you have to turn off your PC and leave work. Once you open Crafty IE Sync on your iPad or iPhone, you will continue exactly from where you left.

CraftyApps Insta-Sync® is fast and reliable you will not lose a single browser tab even if your Windows computer crashes.


– Supports multiple PCs and browsers and all can be accessed from any single iPhone or iPad.
– Opens your synced links on ANY browser that runs on your iPhone or iPad.
– Does not require installation of a Windows program – works straight from Internet Explorer.
– Support for Google 2-Step Verification
– Uses CraftyApps Insta-Sync® for instant and reliable syncing.
– Supports IE InPrivate Browsing and will not sync privately browsed websites.
– 100% secure. All your data is stored on YOUR devices and YOUR Google account.
– Supports ALL versions of Microsoft Windows.
– Supports ALL versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

By Crafty Apps, LLC

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