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SkyReader is an application for iPad that provides you with the capability to access and manage your personal media files in the local storage (iPad), a SkyReader supported external device (wireless USB and SD cards drive), and cloud storage. With SkyReader, you can conveniently view, play, your music, video, photo, and document files locally and wirelessly from the external storage device and cloud storage. You can also control and share the external storage device with other iPad users securely at the same time.

Manage (copy, move, delete, rename, compress, protect, share) files within the same storage device or among the different storage devices (iPad, memory card, USB flash drive, and cloud storage)
Views documents & photos
Streams or plays downloaded music & video
Uploads files to and downloads files from cloud storage, and external storage device
Searches and sorts files saved in local storage of iPad, supported external storage device, and cloud storage
Shares files via email, Facebook, and other applications
A private local storage area to provide secured access of confidential files
Compresses local files to zip file
Support play and save the playlist from Youtube keyword search
Supported file formats:
Document: pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx, pages, numbers, key
Text: txt, rtf, rtfd
Compressed files: zip, rar
Image: jpg, png, tif, bmp, gif, cr2
Audio: mp3, wav, caf, m4a, aac, mp2, wma, flac, ogg
Video: mp4, mov, m4v, 3gp, avi, flv, rmvb, mpg, mkv, wmv, ogv, m2v

By Grandex International Corporation

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