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Kyms is an inviolable vault that allows you to hide and encrypt multimedia files, documents, passwords and much more with military grade security (AES Encryption).

Kyms is the only App on the Store that decrypts files in real time, without any waiting! By tapping on a video, for example, it will start immediatly and the decryption will continue in background.

With KYMS you can hide, encrypt and protect:
– Photos: includes also an editor with thousand of effects
– Videos: non standard formats too (Flv, Avi, Wmv, Mkv etc.) ALL DECRYPTED IN REAL TIME WHILE WATCHING!!
– Documents: Pdf, Text – can be created and edited -, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Pages, Numbers, etc.

The KYMS Premium package, available as in-app purchase, lets you hide and encrypt also:
– Contacts: you can import your phonebook contacts or create new hidden contacts.
– Tasks: with expiration date and three priority levels.
– Cards: Credit cards or any other type of cards, with enhanced barcode reader.
– Recordings: You can also record audio files while your device screen is locked.
– Any paper document: thanks to the multipage scanner with automatic page detection.

The media can be imported from:
– Device photo library: select multiple items by dragging your finger and remove them from library automatically after import (iOS 8 is required).
– Device Camera
– iTunes: using USB cable or iTunes WiFi sync
– Your Mac or Pc through WiFi: by using a standard desktop browser and dragging files on it
– Web: Thanks to the integrated multitab browser with background download capabilities

Integrated Browser features:
– Multi-tab fast internet browser
– Password saving feature
– Ultra-simple video download feature: start a video to obtain the download button.
– Tap&Hold on any link to start download.
– Enhanced private bookmarks and history management with folder support

Pin & Password
Kyms includes a customizable database to create your secured pin and password archive.

Additional security features:
– Login with: 4-digits Pin+Alphanumeric password and Touch-Id login (Touch-Id is only available on iPhone5s, 6, 6 plus, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3)
– Panic Gesture: Put your hand on the screen or close the smart cover to log out immediately (not supported on iPod and iPad1)

By IdeaSolutions S.r.l.

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