SEO is known as search engine optimization, is the best way of attracting more and more users to a website thus increasing traffic and page rank of a website. Search engine optimization is related with search engines. There are many search engines around the web. Yahoo, Google, Bing etc are most using search engines of the world. Suppose, if you want to search about heart hospital around the UK using Google, when you search you will notice that many of links have showed. There may be million of website related to heart hospitals around the UK. But it is not possible all heart hospital websites appear in the Google search engine first page. Usually, Google shows only ten links or websites in each page. This is a fact that user tend to click on website or blog that appear in the first few Google pages. It is very difficult that a person will search about 5 million page and then click on the link of your website there. It is fact that website appeared in first page get most of the users. Now a day, internet marketing has become a global emerging business. It is very essential and important for you and for the growth of your company that your website link appear in the first few Google pages. Now the first question may arise in mind what you can do to place your website link in the first page of the Google. Here are Search engine optimization works. The main and powerful objective of SEO is to optimize your website in such a way that your website link appears in the first few Google pages. Google only appear those website in first page that optimized well. There are few things to follow if you want to optimize your website well.

First the, the content of your website should be matched with your niche. You must have few ideas how you can drive the visitors about a specific product or thing. Suppose, you want to sell glass online, so, your website content related with your glass information you need to build link to different popular website and thus attract more and more visitors. It will help the high rank of your website to grow up. Google search engine read only text of your website not images or graphic. So always remember that your website content must be unique and without any type of grammatical mistakes. Title of your website is most important. It will increase the chance of being in the Google search engine for your website link.

Basic Search Engine Optimization Techniques

The powerful ability to create webpage or article to automatically jump to Google first page seems possible if a website page is optimized correctly it has the ability to get first position in fewer minutes for low competitive phases. To generate a basic SEO page needs to have the following

  • Meta keywords Tags
  • Meta description tags
  • Keyword in the title
  • Keyword density between 2-5%
  • USE H1, H2 AND H3 tags

Using these powerful factors from the basic of search engine optimization and generate a page that is ready for the search system and control like Google. Many individual that start a website or blog do not use any search engine optimization technique or SEO application to optimize each web page. Recent studies have shown that those webmaster who look the best time to use many of the search engine optimization tips, have shown by going on page optimization their web pages and articles receive more traffic and high use than those webmaster who have not done any search engine optimization at all.




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