1. Cyndicate


Cyndicate is a easy-to-use, next-generation, RSS/Atom syndication feed reader that gives you command over your news. Cyndicate will fetch, organize, and display news and articles from millions of websites and weblogs, giving you complete control over your day’s news.

  • Mail-like interface
  • Full RSS and Atom Support
  • StyleSheets
  • Organize your news
    • Folders
    • Smart Folders
    • Filters
    • Flags
    • Labels
    • Persistence
  • Share This
  • Podcasts and Enclosure
  • Search


2. Feeder by Steve Harris

Feeder is a fully featured application for creating, editing and publishing RSS and iTunes podcast feeds.

Feeder can create, download and import RSS 2.0 and iTunes podcast feeds with full support for the iTunes RSS podcasting extensions. Drag and drop enclosure files to create new items, Feeder will automatically tag audio and video files with artwork, etc in all popular podcast formats. Feeder makes editing your feed a breeze with auto-complete, templates, HTML tag insertion, previews and a customizable user interface that easily adapts to the task at hand.

Feeder can publish to FTP, SFTP, FTPS MobileMe, WebDAV or Amazon S3 servers and will upload the feed, artwork and enclosure files, post to the weblog and announce new content on Twitter and Facebook with a single click.



3. NetNewsWire

Looking for an easy-to-use RSS and Atom reader for your Mac? You’ve found it! The Eddy award-winning NetNewsWire has a familiar three-paned interface and can fetch and display news from millions of different websites and weblogs.



4. NewsRack By omz:software

NewsRack is a powerful RSS reader for Mac OS X that can be fully synchronized with your Google Reader account (if you want to).
It offers a keyboard-friendly, tabbed interface that stays out of your way, so that you can focus on the news you care about.

– Synchronization with Google Reader (optional, can also be used without a Google account)
– Drag and Drop editing of your feed list
– Thumbnail image previews
– Tabbed browser
– Keyboard-friendly interface
– Import of feed lists (OPML) from other apps
– Instapaper and ReadItLater integration
– Extensible with Bookmarklets and AppleScript



5.  NewsBar By Andras Porffy

Newsbar built with a fresh concept: news feeds with smooth animation, always on your desktop. All of your subscribed RSS feeds are continuously appearing on selected side of your display or in regular window. No delays, no waiting: the news appears straight on your desktop, immediately as they published.

Be the First to Know! – You can easily Read, Follow, Mark, Filter and Search news from your favorite feeds. The news are directly read from RSS sources without delay, with 1 minute lowest refresh rate.

• News without delay
• Smooth animation on news entry
• Intuitive user interface
• Mac desktop integration with adjustable opacity
• Adding new feeds with Drag and Drop
• Multiple feed sources
• One click opens RSS content in popup window
• Double click opens news in your browser
• Hide read items with horizontal swipe
• News can be highlighted and filtered by your keywords
• Keyword detection alerts with sound and visual
• Customizable interface (colors, fonts, size, opacity)
• RSS 2.0, ATOM support
• Customizable individual feed settings
• Sync feed list with your Google Reader account
• OPML export and import
• Quick text search in all feeds
• Starred news for later reading
• Multiple display and Spaces support
• Low cpu and memory usage
• OS X Snow Leopard and Lion compatibility

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