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Ever wanted to be a bartender? Pitchers for iPad – Endless Arcade Bartending is the perfect cure for your itch to serve and make people ‘happy’.

Pitchers is one of the best bar themed games you could find on the App Store. Everybody loves an ice cold beer and more so the person serving it. Put on your best serving face as you go about spreading happiness. Get behind the counter and start dishing out orders one after the other. Keep an eye on the requests and send out correct orders to become a legend of tipsy town.

Pitchers is a pure arcade game; easy to play and difficult to master.


1. Free to play.

2. Fast gameplay.

3. Neon themed visuals.

4. Jazz music to make the game more immersive.

5. Beers to unlock.

6. Simple tap based controls.

By Migoi Studios Pvt Ltd

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