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The My Songs is a MP3 Player.

My Songs App can managed in the MP3 file in the app.

Create Folder in App,
put the MP3 file to the selected folder(iTunes File Sharing Feature),
And play it!!

MP3 Files from the iPod library, you can also play.

◉◉ Features ◉◉

1. Supports Remote control.
◉ Function of the iPhone’s bundle earphone.
– Single Press : Play/Pause
– Double Press : Next Song
– Tripple Press : Previous Song

2. Supports background mode.
You can run other Apps while listening music.

3. To manage your MP3 files in the App.

4. Supports iPod Library.

5. Supports iTunes File Sharing.
◉ To Manage MP3 files in the App.

6. Supports ID3 Tag.

7. Now Playing MP3 information displayed on the lock screen.

8. Supports iOS 8 and iPhone 6, iPhone 6+

9. URL Scheme : MySongs://


By YangYeon Cho

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