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Marvis offers a beautiful presentation of your Music Library with loads of powerful features in a minimalistic UI.

• Supports iTunes & iCloud Music Library.
• Quickly switch between groupings using horizontal swipe followed by a vertical swipe. You can even continuously swipe without lifting the finger between swipe.

• Drag and Drop
‣ Use Drag and Drop to add tracks to Up Next, Play or Shuffle.
‣ You can even add multiple items to a single drag session.

• Sort and Group
• Styling Options
‣ Choose between List or Grid. There are even multiple Grid styles to choose from.

Note: Marvis remembers the Sort/Styling settings for every grouping separately.
All playlists have their own settings as well, so you can sort, group & style all playlists differently.

• Landscape
• Dark Mode
• Media Details
• Micro Player, Swipe horizontally on Mini Player to condense it to Micro Player.

More features will be added in upcoming updates.

Note: Marvis requires to be installed.

By Aditya Rajveer

Download from Itunes

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